Rogers, Fido Price Hike: $ 60 / 10GB Holiday Plan BYOD Now Cost $ 65 / Month [u]


Did you jump on $ 60 / 10GB BYOD holiday plan from December 2017? If you have done, users of Rogers and Fido can expect a $ 5 per month increase on this plan, indicating the change that is made to them; come today.

Rogers confirmed that the price rise would be "We will regularly monitor and develop our plans to identify the ongoing network and service ownership so that we can continue to & # 39; delivering the best customer position, "in statement to MobileSupupSouth Westerly

The 8.3% increase means that a person gets on his / her; plan THESE this plan will begin to start on January 3, 2019, in terms of increasing prices, which will Start effectively on the first bill on or after 4 February 2019, according to Rogers.

$ 60 / 10GB 2017 Line-time Holiday Plan

  • December 2017: Freedom Mobile launches a $ Gig / 60GB plan greatly
  • 14 December 2017: Rogers and Fido have launched a $ 60 / 10GB BYOD plan (bonus 5GB + 5GB for 24 months) in BC and Alberta
  • December 15, 2017: Bell is coming with her & # 39; game for BC and Alberta, along with Virgin Mobile; Co-ordinated co-ordinates for BC, Alberta, Ontario; Telus is doing the same thing; Freedom Mobile will cost its & # 39; plan to $ 50 / 10GB
  • December 16, 2017: Rogers and Fido's offer extension to Ontario, and # 39; Make permanent bonus data instead for just 24 months. Bell and Telus are matched.
  • December 16, 2017: The best selling is to $ 60 / 10GB BYOD plan from Rogers, Telus, Bell and Fido, Koodo and Virgin motto. Wireless customers who trust.

As a result of the war pricing, Bell was won by his & her; Most supporters for their quarterly season, at 175,204, compared to Telus at 121,000. Rogers can only get 72,000 supporters for their & # 39; Fourth, much lower than its competitors, to express it on & # 39; glitch computer & phromo.

Although many hoped that the $ 60 / 10GB holiday plan would return for 2018, it never did. Koodo, Fido and Virgin are the best thing; closer to their resource offer of the $ 65 / 10GB BYOD plan ($ 10 from the $ 75 / 10GB plan for 12 months only), and explaining future items.

Tell us when to find out about the future price increases from Rogers and Fido. Now, for the customers of Bell and Telus, it is expected that a similar shift in 3 … 2 … 1 … (Koodo was still offering a $ 60 / 10GB plan at the end of the November)?

Update: Rogers helped him iPhone in Canada to indicate that the price change has not been realized today, but on 4 February, 2019. The prices of the prices are shown; come today, however.

Raogers say iPhone in Canada Their boilerplate statement, "We will regularly monitor and develop our plans to look at ongoing network and service investments so that we can continue to deliver the best position in terms of users. This improvement plan is still one of the most competitive and we still offer good value. "

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