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President Vladimir Putin's suggestion is to go to & # 39; completely under 2021 is a regulatory framework for control and management activity in a strategic and advanced business decision, President Sberbank German Gref said.

"Some of today's points have been radically moved, which includes disorder. Honestly, this is a very strategic step. Out, maybe, the president is also tired of wounds without filling, "said Gref to reporters. He said that this Putin bid is a crucial step for him.

Putin, in a message to the Federal Assembly, suggested that the current regulations in a control and control area should be completed from 1 January 2021. For the last two years , the authorities, with the involvement of a business community, need to renew the regulatory framework.

Speaking of Putin's recommendation, Cash Chamber Chairman Alexei Kudrin said that it is not necessary to update the old guide – reform should control new principles for citizen and business lessons. "

In a comment, Putin said, when he was in a while; Speaking about this reform, "many colleagues told them that they were scared." "I'm very frightened, and it's a problem. It's not so easy, that, according to some regions, the leaves that have been collected from the Soviet era, from Ochakov's current and transit of Crimea. Thinking that these departmental staff know what's written there. So this analysis needs to be done in two years, without being afraid, to fill our earnings, do it and update it, leave only what is really useful for organizing the work, "Putin finished (defined by" Interfax ").

Putin drew attention to the need to eliminate unreasonable pressure from security forces and business management authorities. "Empathy business should not be under article, always feeling the risk of criminal or administrative," said Putin. He said, although the authorities have adhered to this situation, in recent years "the situation, unfortunately, has not changed."

In addition, Putin ordered to launch a single digital database for each company inspection. The government, together with its business, will work on & # 39; launching this stage, and law enforcement agencies will prepare rules to deal with appeals from entrepreneurs. The platform should be launched by the end of the year, at least in the pilot process.

Who listens to Putin's message to Federal Assembly

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