Rolla Tsipra: Help "to" cut "or" #; first home in "red loans"


The voices heard from the offices of Megiros Maximus on the street in Herod Atticus 19. "You play a game of bankers. Risk is at risk in the revival of a new bank, and you should support the social policy line of government" Alekos Flambouraris, former president of the Greek government, Yiannis Dragasakis, said in tone.

"Your responsibility is on what is happening today in the banks" Minister of Economy. "You knew that Katselis Law finished on December 31 and you did not co-ordinate the banking system."

Not only is it clear that the main partners of the Prime Minister are obvious but unfortunately, it is clear. Even in Frankfurt, they have well understood that Alexis Tsipras and the "leaders" have decided on the banking system once again on the looms of people to survive politically in the forthcoming election accident.

The danger is obvious. Just as of 2014, SYRIZA took over the banking system worth 34 billion euros and sold it for just 800 million money in summer 2015 with the third revival in foreign capital money.

So now the banks have been reduced, are threatened to disappear and are brought to the next government with a very good value; lower than their recycling in summer 2015.

The prime minister is preparing to name another "amazing political campaign" to protect – after that – there is public housing from sales for "red loans", says his analysis liberal.

The First Minister states that a suggestion from Alekos Flambouraris and Christophoros Vernardakis wants to name more defensive levels for almost all lenders, not just mortgages, but also merchants and entrepreneurs who promised to & # 39; First home loan loans, banks for other purposes, business only

All government economic staff warn Alexis Tsipras to create a conflict situation with lenders, the Central Bank of Europe and the markets.

But it is clear that the Tsipra objective is pre-elected, since you have any decision that you can tell – or who still has a "#; voting in the House – in charge of the next, after the elections, the government.

The government investigates the technical problem of banks from "electronic loans" of "red loans" with the social problem; in protecting weak economic citizens who can not carry out their duties in relation to banks, the tax office and Insurance Fund.

The first issue of a & # 39; ban banks from their poisonous records to release money to fund the economy, the government was not initially taken out with the explanatory plan and expensive Bank of Greece, to choose to & # 39; Looking for state models from But Italy continues to get market confidence with loan rates and risk prices are relatively low.

On the second issue, in protecting our economically weak supporters, Alexis Tsipras is a " Choosing a better pirouette after-election alternate not only who solves the problem that identifies bad payers, but also it's a? offer new tools to avoid debt.

It is clear, with such a framework to protect almost all borrowers, who do not find buyers' banks for secret loan packs that have been made to sell money to foreign basic investments but at Low prices and a huge cause of loss on balance sheet and mandatory revival risk can be easier …

But at this time there is no interest at the Maximos Mansion for the impact of this misleading policy. Their political focus is no longer than the second month of this spring …

The "party" will decide on "red" loans

In addition to the country's loans, the Minister for Finance will present them today. Tsakalotos despite Greece's not part of the "19" session today. However, the government's idea of ​​the "red" loans case and the protection of the first occupied dwellings; Suggested to reach 250,000 euros to disturb this tour and on the # 39; Brussels.

And not the same thing that disturb the loans. Figuring the figures, they are & # 39; find that a series of reforms are stopped, causing PPC to fall into the future.

And this is all happening because Mr Tsipras fears he feels heavily low in the national elections. The recommendations of the "parties", who now participate in the meetings of Maximos Mansion, Opening the property to provide land and water for red lenders, farmers, but also for anyone who can attract them.

It shows that Eu. Tsakalotos, D. Liakos and G. Dragasagis have no mention in these discussions.

Although the "red" loans should usually be "red", it was noted (if possible) to Mr Flambouaris, which appears to have been Back to suggestion for its & # 39; Protect his first home, which starts at 150,000 euros and reaches it under 250,000 euros.

Indeed, at a recent meeting held at the Maximos Mansion, Koumoundouros's four officers, with Mr Flambouaris, took part, with the obvious goal of fighting a fight after him ; try everything.

However, the agencies that participated in the meetings say that if Tsipras can take this plan, banks will be open and additional funding will be required to exceed 3 billion euros.

As we can see, the banking course is the most important issue of those days, because it has not been the case. a common point between banks, government and centers. And although Mr Dragasagis has said twice recently that recycling might be needed, the burden on which the Greek people need to be paid, the prime minister tells him.

Information says that the two men are not even shaking hands. The worst case situation and Tsakalotou's fear, Liakou's side is in danger that the draft agreement in the Parliament will have a draft that lenders will not receive.

But it will be a long time again and the aims of the European partners will also come out. This is because a report will be published. European Commission published on 27 February.

In addition to the major sections of the second program post evaluation ("red loans", a new framework for protecting their first-class sales, indirect public debt, etc.), they will also be & # 39; Commenting on the initiatives that took place in Greece, such as a significant increase in the minimum salary (11%) or taking part for re-active court decisions (gifts, bonuses, cut into memorandum years).

The report, with the exception of being a logger for the new departure plans on international markets, will depend on its content if it is available; Greece is the first quarter of EUR 750 million from band yields held by central banks of the Eurozone in ANFA and SMP care.

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