Roman Bürki on Tottenham Hotspur and mental training


Borussia Dortmund does not have to hide from anyone, according to the Roman Bürki visitor in Europe. "With our quality on our wall, we do not have borders," said Switzerland before going to it; The first leg of 16 in the European League at Tottenham Hotspur Wednesday Kicker, The

Bürki has great respect for the English in all their confidence. "The Spurs are not just a few points from Spurs' Premier League," said the keeper, "Tottenham is a big problem that we need to get over."

Patzer will accept the BVB keeper

Bürki does not like to think of his final game at the European League at Tottenham in September 2017. The BVB 1: 3 lost and failed later in the body, Bürki looks bad in two goals.

"I do not attach a lot to the enemy," said the 28-year-old, "The game in London was very unfortunate for the team and I. If you miss lost and go # 39 ; assigning these goals, that's so sad. "

No memories at this time are so beautiful. "Back then, I was looking forward every week, and people gave particular attention to what I'm doing," said Bürki. "I felt that all Dortmund's goals were my fault."

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Bürki conversation with his mental coach

Among other things, Bürki is responsible for his work with a coach to better perform this season. "It's a real proof of Switzerland, but not like that: For opening up, I have to have full confidence." We knew each other when I still had a & # 39; playing in Switzerland. "

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"In general, if you talk about a problem, it is easier to solve or overcome it," the ex-Friborg is sure.

"Sometimes it's very hard when it gives a different idea of ​​what I expect, but that is part of the contract: it can express opinions openly, and then it is debated – either I see it "Bürki told about the talks with his mental coach.

In particular, describing its game, this is a & # 39; means: "I need to be clear in my mind and be aware of when there is a danger, or when I am more generous and just bring forward a game to get a full solution."

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