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22 years from the last "remontada"! An example of a astonishing star game that the title has returned

What opportunities does she have? FCSB with the title? Viewing houses define CFR as one large.

This is the first time, there are 5 points ahead and it would be advantageous if the two bands would choose the selection. In addition, there are few levels of play. Only 7 tours.

However, in recent history, following the 1989 Rebellion, there was a competition star secondly with 7 levels before they finished and managed to turn the position and take the title. The season is 1996-1997. The blues were managing a spectacular battle for the National Championships.

Banking was first after the 27th. He had one point across Steaua, but there was an terrible end, where the game just, including Ghencea, was arranged.

Month after the Steaua Championship was won, as well as the captain of League 1, Sabin Ilie was sold in Fenerbahce in July 97 for a million dollars

Classification 1996-1997, 7 levels before end

  1. National Curriculum 56
  2. Steaua 55
  3. Dinamo 50

Steaua had a good track and although he missed Craiova, the first place came to the first place. Steaua – National football played on Geancea in early June 1997, and in particular the title was tabled. The Stensns had one thing. In front of 25,000 spectators, Steaua won the magnificent maids and won it with National FC, t goals Sabin Ilie (2) and Dennis Serban, individual Pigulea. He completed the title one step by the end of the period and it was the fifth in a row.

Final stage 1996-1997

  1. Steaua 73
  2. National 68
  3. Dinamo 59

At that time Steaua had a full complement of cars. These include: Stelea, Lăcătuş, Rotariu, Laurenţiu Roşu, Sabin Ilie. As in the first part of the season, the team had qualified as a Champions League. after the removal of FC Bruges, 2-2 and 3-0and in a group with Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid and Widzew Lodz 4 points.

After the title, Steaua beat the National Mòd, within a few days, and in the final of the Romanian Cup. It was 4-2, with three parts of Sabin Ilie and another success at Wiki. This is the red-blue event, the last in 2014-2015!

26the Steaua goals in the last 7 degrees of the season 97, ie average over 3.7 goals per game.

31visit Sabin Ilie in that competition, winning the title that the golf player wins

Steaua 1997

Stelea – Reghecampf, Ad. Matei, Richita, Miu – Militaru, D. Şerban, Rotariu, L. Roşu – Lăcătuş, S. Ilie
Coach: Dumitru Dumitriu

National Orchestra of Scotland 1997

R. Lucescu – T. Petre, Ciobotariu, Necula, Sairc, P. Marin – Liţă, Potocianu, Vasc – Dună, R. Niculescu
Coach: Florin Halagian

We can now get the final

And in the current season, as in 1996-1997, t League One that there would be opportunity to access the main competitions that play with the title on the album. The final stage of the play is a CFR registered conflicter FCSB. In order for a game to be played, it is essential that no more than 3 points are taken by the Dan Petrescu team, but FSCB 3 points across the Cluj competition.

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