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A 57-year-old electrician has signed stars “Sing Me Now” with “My Way” a VIDEO song t

Senior competitor Lucian Pinet, "Sing Now With Me", thoroughly enjoyed the second edition of Pro TV and was successful in raising 91 of the 100 jury members. Many of them couldn't carry his tears, congratulated him and praised him for a long time.

“That is about feelings, warmth, love, shaking. After all, he is destiny and you have to be patient and waiting for this, and today you have succeeded. You've been raining with tears, "said Loredana, the jury's captain.

“I didn't look apart and I didn't rest and I lost something. I have seen a strong sense, I have seen the human truth that has been attractive in the vision. I have seen and heard people sighing. You are true, you are true, "said Dana Dorian too.

The contestant told him that he always wanted to make music, but that he did not have self-confidence and, by his father, he became a light-hearted, even though he didn't want to. T .

“I would like to be a singer, not only a singer, but I was not confident on my behalf. I did not want to be lightning in any way, but tell my father that I had to work. If you are a little bit, you always have a little. That's why I came to the exhibition. If you can make these people stand up you mean you can do a lot. I have come to the end, I want to live my many glory, ”admitted Lucian Pintin.

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