Actor Drama Kristoff St. Iain, from "Young and Concernful": his son was killed at 24 years PHOTO

The American actress, who was named nine hours for Emmy at the time of the Neil Winters post in the Young and Restless, was found dead with a friend at home in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Stories close to the actor say he was mentally ill-treated, caused by his son's son in 2014.

Aunt boy Julian, who was an artist, died after 24 after his death. The boy who was hospitalized at the House of Psychiatric Health Center in Long Beach, California, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18 and suffered from severe mental illness.

The actress and his wife, Mia, then put a leaflet for the health center. St. John told "Entertainment Tonight" in 2017 that he was "angry" when he saw the last pictures of the media cameras with his son alive: "I looked at them for the first time, I will not see it again, "he said. "It's not something I want to see again."

"He's the son of the light of life, he was an artist with a beautiful mind and a clear spirit. He struggled hard and long with unhealthy illness. Luckily, the pain grew too big for him and I say he did not lose the fight, but on the other hand, he chose to release himself. My struggle will face my mental illness, "said the mother of the youngsters, who have established a foundation to help people with mental illness.

Outturn for St Julian. Iain

Julian St. Iain

This drama event is deeply celebrated Kristoff St. Iain, and in 2017, the actor began to cure, after a threat to be killed by armor use.

In addition, there are sources near the actor saying he has never succeeded in losing his son's pain, and his death has made him a great deal. "He was able to go through many things, but Julian's death was a big hit for him."

Last post on Twitter January 21, 2019 when the actor sent back message: "It is a test that is missing a child. He starts the day your child dies, and ends on the day the parent is coming together. "

Although the purpose of his death has not been confirmed, there are sources from the deputy's devolution saying he had difficulties with his / her; alcohol use. Indeed, in 2011, St. John was arrested for drunk driving.

"It was a signature of a narrative and I realized how important it was that driving was driving. I did not drive Ever drink alcohol. It's not a threat to you and others. I learned my lesson, "said the actress in an interview.

The anecdote about the death of the actor is even more surprising as the American star seemed to have overcome the levels of depression and found happiness in his life, and marries the model Kseniya Mikhaleva.

One of the young and worried actors sent Instagram an incredible message, after Kristoff's death: "How did this happen? How do you leave as soon as you left with me? I can not Believing you were all for me. You were a lovely father and a wonderful person. There were so many things to do … "wrote the Instagram model.

PHOTO Instagram tro TMZ

Kristoff played Neil Winters in "Young and Restless" in 1991, and for his performance he was nine o'clock for Emmy Day. He also won ten national illustrations for Colored People Imaging Prizes (NAACP).

He was born in New York, St. Louis. Iain – son of actor St. Christopher John – has gone into the business for the young people. He first performed on 7th television on "That's My Mama".

He featured in the "Charlie & Company" series, "The Bad News Bears" and "The San Pedro Beach Bums".

St. John had a new role in "Hangin" by Mr Cooper and appeared in "Diagnosis Murder", "Arli $$", "The Jamie Foxx Show", "Martin" and "Live live".

His family relations gave him a "ghost", Sathya Sai Baba, the "Man Man Called God". The actor in an interview for CBS in 2014 said his family was a native Indian ban and his foster mother got on this guy.

St. John joined the "Young and Concern" spread in 1991. A love story goes to her; a character with Druilla Winters (played by Victoria Rowell) among fans.

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