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The actor Liam Neeson, who recently said in a recent interview, said he was trying to kill a "black asshole", after a person was almost near. suffered crime, he returned to his objections and said he was not right,

The actor in an interview published by the UK on Monday the Daily Independent said it was a time when he walked in the streets with a special bat to wait for someone to kill someone's distress near, a woman who was enriched by a black man.

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His statements have raised a sound of wild signal, and the actor is expressed about religion, and writing

In the morning of Good Morning America on ABC, Neeson said: "I do not believe."

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"I was not now feeling that this basic need was to be given and asked her (friend, no)" Do you know this person, a man? "No." Rasa? "He said he was a man of a color," said the actor.

"I'm knocking down and up the streets with a snail at me, hopefully it will take me one. I'm sorry to say, I've done here for a week, hoping to" get fucking black "to get out of a pub and bring me, do you know? So I have to kill it, "said the actor to the interview.

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"I understand the need for revenge, but it does not mean there is more revenge, more massacre and more crime," he said.

Neeson told ABC that he would do the same thing as he was an Irish, Scottish, British or Lithuanian language. "I tried to defend someone's honor, protect my beloved friend in this very meditative way," Neeson explained to ABC.

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The actor explained that he also wanted specific help to overcome the trauma.

The actor from Northern Ireland, Liam Neeson, nominated for an Oscar for his role in "Schindler's List" has also been featured in other films of different types such as "Love Actually," " Batman РTòiseachadh, "the trouble that was taken, the" Chronicles of Narnia "series, but also in other films such as" Night of Night "," Sgioba Shock, "" The Titans "," The Gray: The End of Survival "and" The Dark Knight Rises.

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His latest film, "Cold Pursuit," in which he is a father's revenge, is changing the Norwegian production and will be released in Romania on 22 February.

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