Alibec also interviewed. When John Maculae was called and the sting he lost to Stanciu

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Denis Alibec returned to strength this year, with two goals in the 3-0 victory over the future. Astra's opposition confirms that it is a good, physical, in particular, because it is now in a position; get the best weight. Alibec hopes he will return to the national team.

Denis Alibec showed a good picture in the 3-0 impact over the Future, which remembered his good moments. The 28-year-old strike says that the Astra reliance and the way in which the preparation was made are the reasons for playing a game as well.

"I was really feeling, I was able to run and the second one was very good and I'm glad that I won. There are good things for me, at least corporally, I'm glad I'm healthy I'm sorry they've lost, but I have nothing to do. They want to win all the games. To be physically, I'm right, now I need to get my game.

In fact I think of the national team, but with a game you can not. But if I continue this way, I'm going to see it. think that I'm cited. Those here have given me a great courage. Mr Niculae was a The first one called me when he saw I had a problem with Steaua and I must prove that he did not get tired when he was up to me, "said Alibec to Telekom Sport.

The Astra striker was also asked about moving overseas and escaped from those who chose Arabic or Chinese football:I always wanted my accomplishment, or if I could have been to Arabic or China so far, Alibec said.

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