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And the phrase "viper venom" was written. Did you hear Theresa May to speak like that?

Political scientist Cristian Pîrvulescu criticized the speech that was made today in the Parliament by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă. "There was an urgent need," he said to Digi24.

"What we have seen today is of no respect to this challenging center, means to criticize. To behave, respect will be given to others. There was an urgent need in the Parliament, particularly from the part of the First Minister, which could be attacked, even directly and inaccurate, but he had to rise to the place and respect for others. For this reason, he was the prime minister, who opposed the representatives of the people, "told Cristian Pîrvulescu Digi24.

"His prime minister is read without saying that he did not say that it was not so strong, not to respect him, but on his face; In contrast, he continued, criticized and had no answers to speak a vicar of a viper. It's not the kind of political expression we want. I am sure that these formulas have also been written, I saw the prime minister was reading, and that's probably their councilors, but that's not changing at least, "said the politician. .

"Why do we want the prime minister to speak freely? To make sure that he speaks no-one else does; Speaking, it's not a puzzle, as was executed in Romania and abroad, that it is independent, it is certain that it is even & # 39; And that institution that is formally controlled by its proclamation, "continued Cristian Pirvulescu.

"For me, the picture was not good, not what I was expecting from the Prime Minister. Expectations of this action, respected by the great personages of Roman history, were respected and treated well-devolved. Did you see Theresa May talking about venem viper, being attacked, not always in the form that has happened today in the Roman Catholic, but hard, with a director of her & # 39; Labor Party, Mr Corbin, or other Members? He stayed and always responded politically, "said Cristian Pîrvulescu.


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