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OnePlus 7 5g

OnePlus 7 last night in a new series of photos, some say it is a Pro version, others are displaying the “Plus” version, but whatever it is, it is clear that it is The phone is ready to be launched. We are talking about OnePlus 7 with an OLED screen which has a diameter of 6.67 inches, but for the first time for the company, we are talking about a man with the curved edges t outside the case, just like Huawei P30 PRO.

OnePlus 7 This is because it has a sufficiently thin edge to accommodate the screen, which many people currently want from main telephones. One of the images assumes OnePlus 7 confirms that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 slap device is connected to Chinese, as well as 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage space, but This might be a main feature.


OnePlus 7 5g 2

OnePlus 7 Also, an integrated 5G connection could be the property of the Chinese company confirming an interest in bringing such a telephone to the market but now the information has not been received. the only chosen option. To have a 5G connection, the OnePlus 7 module would also contain a Qualcomm X50 module, the only one available within the phone profile module.

OnePlus 7 5g 1

OnePlus 7 it is likely to be launched with a high selling price, which as OnePlus's president has said once he is trying to develop a 5G phone phone with a price of less than $ 5 1,000, but it's a little difficult. If success is successful or successful, we will only find out when OnePlus 7 is officially exhibited, and this should happen very quickly, judging as to how phone information appears to appear.

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