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The Senate changed a draft Law Reform 192/2010 Monday on the road cross and railways that serve the national forestry property from the administration of the Romsilva Forestry National Steering Group to the regional administrative units and the councils local.

"The forestry roads, the railways and the completion of a torque, as well as the associated land, which are subject to the route from the public domain of the state and from Administration of the National Romsilva Forestry, in a public sector, some units of land management and local authority management units are set by the Government's decision based on the request of the General Butcher Council, # 39. The provisions also apply to forestry roads, torches and forestry correction works that serve the state public property and the tourist and recreation areas that are located within boundaries of area administrative units ", Article 2 of the draft law provides.

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Statutory recommendation for the amendment of Article 2 of Law 192/2010 is amended in order to exceed forest roads, forestry routes and work for rectification of torches in the state public domain and from the National Administration of Coille – Romsilva in the public domain, some of the elders accepted their local administrative and administrative administrative units with 90 votes in favor and 12 votes against

The Commission for Water, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting Commission Commission introduced an admissions report with permissible changes, and # 39; writing

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"Legislative proposal as a regulatory issue as amended by Article 2 of Law number 192/2010, in the way of proposing a crossroads of forest, railways and the works for stream corrections from the state public division and the National Forestry Record administration -Romsilva, in the public domain of some area administrative units and in their local council administration, to be carried out without the permission of the local council, the county council or the Bucharest Town Council, as the case may be. The Commission for Public Administration has sent negatively, "according to the Commission report issued.

Beginners of the project are PSD headquarters Neculai Iftimie, Eugen Neaţă and Mihai Weber.

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"Considering that there are more and more national forest roads that serve 100% of national forestry ownership while at the same time tourism and leisure venues are some of the units land management, through the legislative recommendation that we add to these forest roads with artistic works and corrected outlets, to enter the public domain of the central administrative units with a view to the development and update ", the beginners support in the explanatory memorandum.

The Assembly will be the first Chamber to be set out, the Chamber of Committees that is the responsibility of a decision making body.

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