Claudiu Niculescu, bad news for Dinamo after his / her special impact; Poli Iasi: "I see they started talking about"

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Claudiu Niculescu, bad news for Dinamo after his special influence on Poli Iasi:

Dinamo's old coach, Claudiu Niculescu, said at the end of the game between Dinamo and Poli Iaşi, a 3-0 score, which he saw in the Mircea Rednic student speech. From the side of the old strikers, the wrong Dynamoists begin to talk about the play.

Dinamo is the 11th place with 25 points, but the play is long. ProSport shows that you & # 39; get in to go & # 39; and the "dogs" opportunities are small. It's not just amazing that helps them to take a place in a & # 39; first six, and Nicucules gives them bad news.

Initially, the "Sniper" recommended the Dynamo to influence but did not agree with their game speech: "That's how they should handle each game and I'm sure they will go on that way. It's a huge benefit, but I see that they are beginning to Talk about the play, which is a mistake. It is not sensible. Talk about going after the Sepsi game. I would like to give all the calculations on top, but Dinamo can up to 37 points. If Astra 37 gives Astra just games, so it's hard ", said Niculescu for Digi Sport.

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