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CS TUNARI, liveVIDEO »Mircea Rednic is trying two new players in the game today

live » Dinamo – CS Tunari 1-1
They inserted: Zenke 45 +1 / Zamfir 55

min. 50: Ionuţ Şerban came in for Kabashi.

Mircea Rednic submitted after Mandanda, Ait-Atmane and Papazoglou.

min. 45: GOL Dinamo! Zenke identifies a 50-meter pass from Kabashi, Albanian, the midfielder in the squad.

The team who used Rednic

Dinamo: Mutiu – Dussaut, Mallo, Ciobotariu, Mùtha – Zenke, Ndyaie, Kabashi, Jaadi – Cristovao, D. Popa
investments: t Mandanda – I. Filip, I. Serban. Papazoglou, Montini, Atman
coach: Mircea Rednic

Dinamo's coach sent out the Uruguay escort from the first minute Facundo Mallo (24 years) and the Albanian midland player Elvis Kabashi (25 years), players tried early this week.

Jordan Mustoe too is among the viewers, although it was delivered from Dinamo. Rednic is likely to give the remaining English defender a chance.

Underground stars of the game 🙂

Around 100 viewers see the game between Dinamo and Tunari. Steaua's supporters have chosen when they chose to fight, wonderfully: "Do you want to get used to next year?"

And dogs have a gallery t

A group of Romanian rifles offered the replica, which suggests the keeper Vlad Mutiu, whose intervention was in the 35 minutes holding the board, was standing: "A better visit. we of Duckadam! "


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