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Dacian Ciolos gets out of mind: why he got into PLUS europarlamentarul, Cristian Preda – News with sources

PLUS's director, Dacian Ciolos, said Friday in Iasi that Alliance 2020 USR-PLUS will vote on election day and has a strategy already because he will have representatives at all polling stations.

Dacian Ciolos said Friday in Iasi, during a meeting with members and sympathy of the USR-PLUS Alliance, that the votes will be defended on the European Parliament elections day, as the alliance will be worthy of representatives in all polling stations .

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"Go to a voting, we know that we will defend our votes. We will be present at all polling stations, in the election elections in the county and in the Central Electoral Bureau. The reach of PLUS MEP (Cristian Preda – nr) is part of our strategy, as the BPP party has a representative representation in the sections, "said Dacian Ciolos.

He was a councilor; formerly Presidents Emil Constantinescu and Traian Basescu, Cristian Preda was a member of the PDL, a party in 2014 to run a PMP in the European Parliament. He retired rapidly from PMP, acting as an independent MEP in the EPP Group. He recently announced that he is not expecting to run for the EP, to give himself to politics within the organization. Later on, he published that he would join PLUS.

A competitor asked at his / her; Against the USR-PLUS strategy to win the election, Ciolos replied: "We do not win the election, you are. You need to be sure that you can win this election."

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So US president, Dan Barna, said this year's European elections are "more interesting and more important than ever" and that "after two years of Dragnea, Nicolicea and Iordache, we will be able to contact to our place a scene of life around us ".

"On May 26th, I do not want to hear that we are voting for the smallest, but we want to vote for the best," said USR leader Dan Barna, to sympathize his & # 39; Federation.

At the Iaşi meeting with over 500 members and USR and PLUS supporters, there were a number of European USR-PLUS 2020 European candidates, including Cristian Ghinea, Clotilde Armand, Dragoş Pâslaru, Ramona Strugariu and Liviu Iolu.

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