Do you have these marks? Remember to take medical care carefully. Toras is!

Rhinitis, flu, coughing … There are so many diseases that we don't stop when we hear about it. But we suddenly change our view if the decision is "pneumonia".

The fact is that the bacterium passes the distance between the nose and the lungs alveoli, passing through the trachea, the bronchi and the bronciole and recovering from all of the body's protective bodies (cauliflower). , mucus, defense cells) means that it's very hidden, that the body is too weak to cope with. This is also why a large pile of creels happens in people with a breathing system or inhuman or destructive protection: children infants, children, elderly people, people with a sick illness are infected. T , smokers. And the cold season is good for this disease. In addition, the disease can also sustain the hospital with diseases with hyperagresive generators protected against antibiotics.

What markings are frightening?

Respiratory diseases that last more than two weeks should raise suspicion of conception and "reduce" the fluid process in the lungs.

Most creels have the following characteristics: cough, fever (but which may be absent, particularly in major viral), chest pain, weakness and tiredness, t vibrations and difficulty breathing. A cough is another prominent expression of intent in the form of a sputum of rust, with blood spikes. Some phneumons have been "on their feet" for a long time, without high phrases.

Fever – Diagnosis and Causes

The doctor or nurse tries to find a big grip on hold when the lungs take forward with a stereoscope. A large gesture will usually have a serious grip on the look of certain sounds. These unusual sounds are caused by narrowing the airways or being present in the lungs sectors usually filled with air with recycled cells and alcohol, known as “congestion”. T process.

In most cases diseases caused by pneumonia are confirmed by an x-ray of the chest. In most bacterial pneumonitis, the tissue tissue of the lungs appears on the X-ray as a thick white place (as the x-rays do not cross that area as easy as the districts). side), unlike the brain seems to be flank close to black.

In the case of viral pneumonitis, different white white stomachs or blotches appear, the lower than average color is more than those found in a large bacterial hold.
Some pneumons can come to form a lungs abscess, which appears on the X-ray as a place of water (pus).

Because of this, radiography helps the doctor (but not always) to find out what body the disease is causing.

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