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epilepsy at Court or poisonous! the first attack on the old player

Update 15:20

Ganea Ionel provide the initial statements of his situation.

"I had a term in the divorce / divorce process. I felt a little bad, but I got it back. I was weak. It's not bad. Feelings of stress and weight. All the items were probably gathered. Now I'm fine, "said Ganea to Fanatik.

"Usually I eat in the morning, I drink coffee, but this time I haven't picked it up. We got tired, weighed, weighed. At the hospital, I did a lot of analysis. No injections had been made, ”said Ionel Ganga to Gazeta Sporturilor.

First edition: Ganel Ionel, critical in hospital!

Ganel Ganea was today given a lunch at the Emergency Unit at Emergency Hospital in Fort William after going to live in the courtroom where he was involved in a case. of the law.

"He is about the old Ionel Ganea football player. He was injured in the courtroom where our colleagues co-located for the ambulance, taken and taken to hospital. I understood, she had passed when she arrived, but for detailed investigations, "the spokesman for Gendarmerie de Brasov, Ionut Zaharia, said for the named well.

According to witnesses, Ganea would have used alcohol and he would have made a scandal at the court door.

Doctors: "Potential epilepsy crisis"

David Levente, manager of the Brasov Ambulance, said doctors would not have found that Ganea had taken alcohol and could have a catch disorder.

"This is a secret accident to a man, who is furious, who may be found with a traumatic noise on his speech and lips t. The patient was taken to Făgăraş Hospital, a nurse said he did not feel he had a high drink. He didn't say anything, but she didn't feel anything, "said David Levente.

“I heard epilepsy was childhood and it was dying on her lips. These nervous outcomes may also be ". Costel Campeanu in 2015 covering his previous employee of Gloria Bistrita for Fanatik

Ionel Ganea spoke to the press in the morning

This morning, Gan Ganga spoke to Pro X and spoke about his son, George Ganea, 19, who made two hits on Monday in the Astra game – Viitorul 1-4.

“I'm pleased that he has finished the matter! He is an offensive player, unlike me. I came to Libero, and then I became the middle player at the end and I made progress. I don't need to plan a future. It must be done by itself. Believe that he can get as high as he has in qualities! At this time he is not a body, but I hope to play and play a game, "said Ionel Ganea.

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