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FCSB // Duel straniu »The regular season will be completed by a piper: Gigi Becali against the team behind the house!

The League 1 schedule that is before the start of the competitions is title and and; weakening rescue: FC volunteers– – FCSB. The clubs were at least near the time, especially due to the relationship between Mayor Pandele and his son, Becali. The link has been getting stronger lately.

Creating animals behind their; clan

Ioan Andone, manager of Ilfov, is among Gigi's football friends, advising Steve on movements, working as an unofficial quarry. FC Voluntari is a club near an FCSB owner. His house is near the stadium where the Saturday night game is played.

Becali is the land next to the field and a small farm is located with sheep, ducks and lunch. Gigi's sheep flock goes behind the second turn of this level!

His friends had been heard

Volunteers and FCSB have time to divide the surgery named after honorable glory, "Anghel Iordănescu". The owner moved his team to sheep sheep at the time that the National Arena could not be used for the sake of the ground without use. In Ilfov he pulled FC Botosani, 2-2, and lost with Chiajna, 0-1, Becali's findings believe that the field behind the house is not enough.

Steaua did not care for Ilfov cousins. FC Voluntari was hitting FCSB 3-1 when Ionel Ganea was a Pandele coach, then Claudiu Niculescu pulled 0-0.

"Satellites" do not help it anyway

Bergodi's Volunteer FC is rebuilt and there is only one advantage in four games that were played in this year's fight, 0-1 in Botosani. The team has got rid of the "flashlight" and they hope to save themselves from getting rid of, and & # 39; indicates that FCSB does not have a simple game. Ilfov's relationship is not a promise for Gigi.

He lost a title in 2008, and thanks to Gloria Buzău, 1-1. "Buzaul's Bubble Club, I was paying the salary there, and gave me two points, I said I did not buy another team in broadcasting in my life! " I'm not happy to control two clubs, "thinking of Becali now. The hero was the incredible tragedy in 2008 Romeo Grandma, author of her & her; match match from war free.

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