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Ford named the offerings for Rabbit 2019

Ford has made the offers ready for Rabla 2019, which will start in the future.

The Ford model is the cheapest available through Rabbit 2019 ka, in petroleum conversion 1.2 TI-VCT 85p, at a cost of EUR 9,986 to VAT included.

With an optional device, you will receive a SYNC III self-movable auto-media radio, multimedia with 6.5 "display, travel control, white metal paint, heat heat, heat facing seats and armor.

The price for Ford Fiesta Through Rabbit 2019 in petrol, version 1.0, 100p, it is 11,449 barley.

This version includes the following features: heat facing seats, heat-resistant wheel, heating heat, leather steering wheel, manual handler, SYNC III multi-media system with an emergency support system 6.5 "display, bluetooth, USB 112 fog, armrest and metal metal paint.

Ford EcoSport the price of 13,000 euros via Rabla 2019, in the EcoBoost 1.0p Project 1.0p.

Optional options included in the price include: face and back parking sensors, self-propelled airsets, SYNC 3 multi-media system with blue "screening and electronic" painting.

Ford Focus through the Rabbit 2019 program and cost € 13,998 in, 100CP EcoBoost 1.0 project.

For this money, the model will benefit from the following options: automatic furniture with two-zone change, main access and dual-voltage with electric, water sensor and electrocrromic mirror. The car will, at least, come from the usual version with LED running lights in a day, data "8" display, 16-inch alloy wheels, a wheel and a switch and a catastrophe .

For the time, it is not clear when the Rabbi 2019 program started, but it may take two months at least, as the budget has not yet been agreed.

However, car traders are already getting an order in advance for available models. They also showcase the offers of other car manufacturers as they are named.

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