FORD RABLA 2019: Take your cars to move and to; go with a new one!

SC PRIMEXPROD SRL, Râmnicu Valcea, a Ford trader, receiving subscriptions by the RABLA 2019 program. With many discounts and advertising prices for stock cars. So, we're waiting for more information at the showroom on Calea Bucuresti, to 70. Ford Ecosport, according to the promotion, will be & # 39; Starting from 12,800 euros only VAT including ticket + rabble, Ford Fiesta from 9,990 euro tva a & # 39; including ticket + rabla. The Ford New + Essential – from a 8850 euro rabbit ticket + 2019. The new Ford Modeo with a Hybrid motor that benefits from 2 additional discounts to & # 39; Starting at 24,700 euros.
Ford Rabla is a special highlight designed for our Kuga Suv high, where Ford is supported by 1400 Euro. So, the new Ford Kuga will start at 18,800 euros VAT. More information in the showroom or at the promotional section.
With more than 25 years of automated market information, we 're Looking forward to a wide range of services: Ford's new car and van vans, used Primexprod Auto Park, Ford Authorized Service, Parts & Accessories Store, Painting & Boiler, Offroad Division, Rent-Rent Department, Finance Office ( Personal Credit, Legal and Operations, and Insurance and Casco Insurance Office).
We are proud to announce the 25 years of activity in 2019, as a 100% private business transaction. Primexprod has a Valcea County and Gorj County from a Ford perspective, with a team of 50 staff ready to serve even the most difficult requirements.
Ioana Regep (Acting Director): I am pleased with the slow, but safe growth and the wide range of services that we offer. We hope 2019 is a good year for us too. We are waiting for test drivers to prove Ford's new technologies and new models, with many discounts. We invite you to & # 39; Look at the web pages where you can get many interactive prizes with prizes. We want Valken to get the best service from Ford-Primexprod.

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