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Google. Change very important for Android in Europe

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Google. The US company called for a very significant change in the Android operating system in Europe through the night, one that many people long wanted. Last week, we found out that Google offers users of Android phones a choice of browser that will be pre-interpreted as a browser thing. Made a European Commission following a substantial fine.

Google. This choice is probably to be an option for using the Android predetermined browser that will be offered through Google Play, the online resource application is the only thing that users need to decide. what happens when they check the internet. t Google last week announced that it would give Android your choice of browser in advance, but after only analyzing the Google Play query code it was found.

Google. Change very important for Android in Europe

Google. When users get Google Android available on Google Play, they can see a warning message telling them that Google Chrome is not the only Internet browser browser. It is not yet known which browsers Google sent to Android users through Google Play, but it appears that Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Bing and DuckDuck can also be listed.

Google Play will be responsible for prompting users about "extra web browsers" and "additional search services" for tools. The Play Store collection looks like Google Chrome with Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, and DuckDuck Go and Bing will also be introduced by Google Search.

Google. In Russia there is a list of other options for Google Chrome from 2017, so the European Commission came further with the responsibility of offering customers more choices. As well as recording the other applications for Google Chrome, Android will allow users to set these browsers in advance to make any links, like the Google browser does now.

Google. In fact, people can do what they want to do now, and this change has little chance of making real changes for the Android browser, but the European Commission has to look like it is e.

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