Great problems faced by the Romans during and after being heavy

60% of couples who make a child Do not make the necessary analyzes before they become pregnant, based on a survey conducted by a specialized clinic in Bucharest. At the same time, almost half of the parents who thought they were not expecting to make a child said, and that it was an accident. One in three couples say they wanted to be heavy, but they did not think they had to go to a doctor before they started.

"For the health of pregnancy and growth, it is essential that you know about the health of our parents. Proprietary consultation helps us to see if there is a risk of being pregnant with a baby. 39; can be exposed to the complexity when they are severe, with diseases that we learn with specific control and analysis. The dangers of the prevention can be -steps mycoplasm, ureaplasm, cytomegalovirus, rubella, measles and varicella, can cause diseases that cause fetal or fertile malignant. In some cases, we & # 39; see if the person is infected, in others we can be healed just to avoid certain difficulties while you're pregnant, "said Dr. Chadi Muheidli, geographer.

The study also shows that although many of the mothers in the future are & # 39; Understand that they are embracing a healthier lifestyle after they become pregnant, it is still difficult for them to do so. About 10% of those who had been smokers continued before they began to get pregnant by a & # 39; Smoking while they were heavy, the same or even bigger. Another 17% of mothers responding to the survey said they reduced the number of cigarette cigarettes, but they can not completely give tobacco.

In terms of nutrition, almost half of the pregnant women kept the same food before they were pregnant. In addition, 8 out of 10 said they did not move as long as they were pregnant, with 82% of those who did not have a & # 39; playing sport before they were heavy. In a quarter of the circumstances, future changes will include dietary & partner. In this context, 43% of women who were heavy-weighted. crossing the border to which it was usually regarded as a doctor.

"In general, an increase of up to 15 kilograms will usually be considered when it is heavy. It is wrong to think that the future mother needs to eat for two because the body's body needs to be checked when necessary She has more nutrition, usually in the second part of the child. There are too many extra pounds that cause serious health problems for future mothers, and I am referring here especially to pregnancy is pregnant with a child or even a risk of prejudice, "said Dr. Tarek Abdou, arthritis geologists.

In fact, heavy weighting can be a problem after birth. More than one third of mothers failed to return to weight before they were pregnant with a child after birth, according to the survey. However, only 6% of them were using nutritional help at this time.

The survey was carried out between October and November 2018 on a representative sample of more than 1,100 women and has an error of +/- 3.7%.