HOROSCOP for the week 1-7 A LEVEL. Dramatic performances. Twins are set to take from the end, Aries has money

Horoscope. This is the weekly horoscope 1-7 April 2019; they will start in April with powerful astronomical events, a month you can expect as a result of invisible combat just as the retrograde plans can be. What brings us to this month? Lessons Wisdom and Life? New relationships? Separation, renegotiation, society, revision, amendment? Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are going to a retrograde move in April, as Mercury is retrograde with the route after March.

Horoscope. But to get everything we bring in April, the lively commitment of April 1-7 is the first NEW YEAR IN BERBEC to be held on 5 April. This is a new beginning and not the least, because confidence, movement and a sense of positive spirit are needed. New Moon means a starting point, Aries is a fitting start to a fresh, even exciting start to the navy, so we let's get ready!

Horoscope. The New Moon in Aries will be on 5th April, the highlight of the week, kicking off some new fireplaces and allowing us to take forward a keen leap forward. You need to do the first step if you want to change things. Time is waiting. Time here is! T And even if you have nothing what to do, do something. Take a step, any step. Any campaign is more than needed. It is important to get out of the protection zones or your safety inside. You won't be able to come in the future, whatever it is, no steps now and now.

Horoscope. Mercury, who is involved in moving, just gives us the fascinating places that it is time to move forward. You may not be quite clear about the guidance you are going on in a topic, but you cannot even wait to see everything clearly before you do something. You have to do that, as you go out when more information comes out.
On 2 April, Mercury is in Pisces' Neptune's relationship with Pisces, so you can expect that there is a thick mist lying on the horizon. However, before the weekend, Mercury is in a mix with Saturn in Capricorn and he will start building and consolidating stronger plans for you. As April passes, things will be quite clear, so take it now and be ready to go straight ahead.

Horoscope. BERBEC (21 March – 20 April)

Your finances will be looking and really improving this week. Your intuition is always on your way and it doesn't let you leave. This week, you will be giving you your favorite projects, hopefully you are going on for them. Looking ahead and persevere with confidence. You'll be closer to your spiritual life within, and will gain more trust and determination for your life. Be careful not to be too sensitive about the emotional area you feel because you feel this is likely. Good enough days to proceed positively and to take important decisions to change. There will be luck on you, so take any chance and let them go, with a focus on quotas. Luck is the only thing that will give you more benefit, less exercise and stress.

Supporter base for you: I respect the time and experience.

Horoscope. Charter (20 April – May 20) t

You can do everything you can to improve your financial position this week, even if it means working harder than before. In your work, your logical idea will slowly calm you through challenges. You now have the opportunity to think and act reasonably. Comments and decisions show that you need to expand and grow in ways that respond to your personality. That is why you will be engaged in conversations with the people you trust and will consider you big and lively ideas. Fortunately, they are greeted by those close to you and this will give you a sense of hope. It is probably the week that you plan or even make an important journey.

Support Helper: I love him.

Horoscope. GEMEN (21 May – 20 June)

Your aims may be too big this week. Focusing on the campaign is a big challenge, but what you recommend must be feasible, or you will lose your motivation. If you feel that you have fallen or not, are not settled in this state, find someone who is trusting and speak. This not only helps you, develops your relationships and removes the emergency model. It might be a partner, a family member, a friend or a co-worker; no matter whoever, go on the week and answer the question between you, once and for all. You are now able to communicate your knowledge and experience in a deep and beneficial way. And professionally, by putting it into action, you will have helped you a lot.

The spine is for you: I'm ready to move forward.

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