HPV disease, associated with a 22% increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease

Increased disease can be increased in the risk of heart disease, and a recent survey in South Korea, nominated by the Media Society and taken over by Agerpres.
It is generated to & # 39; Most people who produce human inflammatory (HPV) have an uninhabited species, with 80% of the population coming to & # 39; communicate for a while, the source named. Around ten HPV illnesses affect its & # 39; genotype, and around thirteen of those have a "high risk" because they may show that there is crude cancer. Scientists have found that one of these high risks can also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 22%.
The study published in the Circulation Research magazine reviewed data from 63,411 women from South Korea aged 30 or over who did not have cardiovascular illnesses at the beginning of the inspection.
The risk of HPV was less than 7% of women surveyed between 2011 and 2016.
After taking into account factors such as smoking, physical activity and obesity, researchers found that women with those species of the virus at risk were 22% higher in cardiovascular diseases.
After a thorough analysis, women with HPV that were fat or fatigue with a mebabylic syndrome – there were a group of features such as extreme effects, too much weight around the amount and the high- reduction in case – at a higher risk. Two-thirds of cardiovascular diseases had a higher risk, and those with metabolic syndrome were two open, according to researchers.
"Further checks are needed to identify specific genetic genes in the high risk of HPV that can increase cardiovascular disease and evaluate whether vaccine strategies would be to combat HPV disease to reduce cancer prevention to reduce cardiovascular disease (risk), "said Seungho Ryu, co-author of the research and professor at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in Seoul, South Korea.
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is "safe and essential for the detection of cervical cancer," said the health authorities this week at a " World's Day, expressing the "truths" about any harm whatsoever; may be a vaccine. "Extractive facts prevent extension of vaccination, which are essential in preventing crustaceous cancer," said Elisabete Weiderpass, director of an International Organization for Cancer Research (IARC), a Center related to the World Health Organization (WHO). Around 570,000 new cases of crude cancer were fully tested in 2018, according to IARC numbers. 310,000 women will die each year due to their # 39; This condition, especially in income and mid-income countries.
According to the IARC, if unparalleled steps change, this situation may have 460,000 deaths per year by 2040. Initially, prevention measures include HPV vaccine, a very common group of Viruses are produced by sexual intercourse. Two of these, varieties of 16 and 18, make 70% of cancer and cervical injuries. The World Health Organization (WHO) proposes a vaccine for 9-14 year olds.
Twenty countries around the world suggest that boys, as well as girls, are immunized to reduce the spread of viruses. As well as crystalline cancer, the head can also make cancer and anal anal in the ENT range.

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