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INFORMATION Ministry of Justice Notification, in total BLOCK not previously seen – KEY DEVELOPMENT WORK – News source

On Friday, the Ministry of Justice launched the selection procedure for candidates nominated for Romania as European Institutions, the interviews scheduled for 18-22 March 2019 and being broadcast live, According to information posted on the station's website, Mediafax writing.

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According to the Ministry of Justice, an advocate on behalf of a Romanian may be appointed to appoint the European Prosecutor's office to fulfill the following modest conditions:

 is a Romanian citizen who lives in Romania;

 A judge or procurator is a procurator or a high-quality judge of at least 15 years;

 he is a representative of a professional degree of the Finance Office that is attached to the High Court Processing and Justice or judge of a professional level court of a court of appeal;

 Practical knowledge is relevant in a Roman legal system;

 Be aware of advanced or advanced English (advanced knowledge of a second language of international distribution is of benefit).

Students can submit their files by 14 March, 2019, at 17.30 at the Ministry of Justice, by mail or email service, or at email address to acknowledge that & 39; they got

Submissions submitted after this date will not be considered, station representatives.

The application file contains the following documents:

– application letter in Romanian and English or French;

– European resume in Romanian and English or French;

– certification of the performance of the statutory conditions of law as well as proof of its & # 39; professional degree taken;

– copies of any documents that the candidates consider appropriate to demonstrate their practical knowledge in a Roman legal system.

Applicants with the selected files participating in an interview before the election Board is chaired by the Minister; Justice.

The interview will take place between the 18th and the 22nd of March 2019 at the Ministry's Headquarters and Justice and a live audio video will be broadcast on the Ministry's website. Justice. The interview lasts for a maximum of 45 minutes / candidates.

"Candidates will be assessed on the basis of the interview, the candidate's candidacy examination of the relevant practical knowledge, as well as other feasible issues arising from their previous work. The interview also will & # 39; try to develop the language skills of English or French Advocates, "the Ministry of Justice & shown.

After the interview, the committee has a & # 39; Choosing three candidates, who will be listed in the list of three candidates sent by the Minister and Justice to the Council of the European Union. The list will be published on the Ministry of Justice website.

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