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Samsung MWC 2019: Yesterday I gave you a special interview Maxime Guirauton, The Marketing & Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics, from MWC 2019. Today, you can see the full interview Mark Notton, Director – Samsung Portrait of Battery and Commercial Electronics Strategy.

We talked to Mark about the technical part of Samsung's new materials. We try to understand the & # 39; face-to-face design process. Find out how the ultra-fast sensor was introduced to the display. And finally but not least, how does the energy division of a wire work really?

Cristian Ganescu: Welcome! We are at Mobile World Congress 2019. Samsung's second interview is. First time we talked to Maxime Guirauton, and today we will talk to Mark Notton, Samsung Electronics and Product Manager. Hello, Marc! What are you doing, how are you?

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Mark Notton: I'm good, thank you?

LP: I'm good, talk to Maxime Yesterday. Tell us a lot about the S10 and Galaxy Fold range. He was very enthusiastic and gave me a very good feeling. However, I want to talk to you about the technical part of the AS10 series. So the first thing I want to ask is: "We have S10e, we have S10, S10 Plus and S10 Plus 5G. Is it something you know, and are not it?"

MN: Yes, I hope that!

Samsung MWC 2019: When Galaxy S10 5G comes into Romania

LP: And we hope! This year, can we benefit from 5G?

MN:There is. So, we will launch the S10 5G in Europe; start in summer. As the 5G network develops, we can launch it in different parts of Europe. We will start with this product in the summer.

LP: People wishing to keep up with the 5G phone network can be purchased. And most likely summer or after summer, we see the 5G network launched in many countries.

MN: Just! Countryside, it's a different time frame when we can launch the tools and we can use 5G services. So, it'll give you time to & # 39; come up with a new network across the country. So, you see, start summer, country with country, that the activists will start.

LP: Is a timetable set for this show? When can we see it in Romania?

Samsung MWC 2019

MN: We have not yet established a program for Romania. However, on our part, we have prepared tools, we are testing a wide range of European practitioners to be ready for the summer. And as soon as Romanian businesses begin to implement the 5G network, we are happy to launch it in Romania.

LP: So unfortunately, we have no news about it.

MN: No, yet!

LP: Okay, okay! We may keep track of this topic!

MN: We contact us! With each new technology, it takes a while before launching it. But then you will see the benefits the technology offers later this year and beyond.

LP: Okay. I said that when we interacted with the tools. For me, the S10 looks better and a & # 39; feeling like that. I was not surprised by S9, to be honest, but that's good. For me, that's good. I wanted to ask you …

Why was the room kept upright and not exactly, like the A9 series?

MN: It is up to what you do not see here, what's inside the machine. In this model, we do Seeing many other senses, teams, walks and things like that. So we needed to decide how to put your camera into the device. We have a suite that comes with 2 rooms and 3 chambers, if necessary with the deeper surname.

So, the most natural way to keep up with these phones is a horizontal position. choose a camera model. For this model, it is sensible to do so. On the A series it is more likely to be there. So it's up to how we will develop the phones inside.

Samsung MWC 2019

LP: It's more like a hard-hitting case.

MN: Part of a hard and part of folklore. We also thought about what's going on; look better. But the hardman was pretty tight.

Samsung MWC 2019: A story on the overwhelming branch temperature

LP: We will not see the mouse sensor on the back.

MN: No!

LP: She moved to the show.

MN: Yes!

LP: And now it is named as an "ultra-sonic sensor".

MN: Yes, just!

LP: Of course! What makes it ultra-sonic? How does it work?

MN: The S10, S10 Plus and S10 Plus 5G are part of the display you can not see as it is under "Swipe to unlock". Inside, in this area, it is a trans-macic branch detector. It means all day, some of the waves do move from the sensor to the screen. He does this all day, to & # 39; waiting to see your finger.

LP: You say it does not attach the branch to the display, but the waves are in a stop that does not stop. It works continuously, looking for your fingerprint!

MN: Yes! It does not have much energy, so it does not get a lot of battery. That means you can lock the phone when the screen is on or off. Just put your finger over the right place on the display and install the sensor by phone.

So you do not always have to wake up the device, because it does it. And I put the sensor into the screen. It is very difficult to do so, so the waves will pass. What is the sensor doing now! Other machine sensors that are inserted into the screen will provide a picture of your specific fingerprints and meet it.

LP: It looks like a face, but just faster and faster.

MN: Yes! That's what we call "Solid technology". Take a picture and match for a solution.

Ultra-sonic is different!

Because the waves pass on it. The most important thing is to measure the areas between your wide-ranging fingers.

Each of them has a distinctive branch. The sensor will confirm if there is room that reads the same as the one you saved and if yes, then open the phone. That means you can not take a picture of your finger and can not do it and make it a silicon model.

Because you need that place between fingerprints, which is only on your right finger. That means the safest way to protect your phone.

LP: What if I cut my finger?

MN: If you cut your finger, your choice is to be set up to four fingers of fingers. So if you have an accident, do not worry, you can record another search engine.

LP: Good to know! The next thing I want to talk about is, obviously, there is no ink. How big was the challenge for Samsung to get this design?

The front camera was "Awesome Challenge"

MN: It was a really challenging challenge. As it was not just a beautiful showcase, but we needed to have a laser cut through each display. And this is not to break the show. Can you cut a hole in the show very hard.

Samsung MWC 2019: But it's very hard to do this without going to & # 39; affecting the pics around. At a small level, we would have to cut the display and his / her; send a camera there. In fact, we will do millions of these units.

That means we need the automated process, to make millions of units quickly. Millions of exhibits have to be thrown out. It's very hard to do it. At Samsung we will make exhibitions, our technology has to do so, so we do it! But many other can not do it!

LP: Now, I want to ask you something amazing. You have included the media sensor in the show! It is there. We see pics there. So it works. When does it work for rooms?

MN: There's something that people want more, that's clear!

LP: Just ask, because I also think there's a research process for this.

Samsung is working on this?

MN: At Samsung we spent billions of dollars on research and development. It is a thing that will keep us on. feed our company in the future. We listen to users and we say what you say. Would not it be good if we had our camera, but at the same time is a screen over?

We can not do it yet. In fact, we understand consumers need. Most users will & # 39; think you can not do that. Because it would mean to & # 39; cuts the show, which means that the display is displayed; disappeared.

Samsung MWC 2019: People hope we can do that, but they do not expect to do so. Samsung is the beauty of Samsung that is what we are enjoying the challenges and doing it. showing people opposite. We try people to find out what they do not know; expectations. We can not do it today. We deal with all kinds of challenges.

In fact, these are the things we get on a daily basis. If that happens, you can make sure Samsung is doing it. Because we are sure we are the best in this type of challenge. Stay close.

Samsung MWC 2019: Why is Mark Notton so proud when it comes to a S10

LP: I hope to be like that! Enough what we want. What we want. I want to ask you, are you part of this Samsung process, why are you so proud of the new S10 field? If you have a choice of activity that you are doing; think best and what she likes, what would it be?

MN: I mentioned some of them. The camera sensor and the cutter appear to appear in the display for the self-contained camera. Things I'm proud of. Another feature I think is very useful to & # 39; Ability to cut wire from one device to another.

You can only cut your device by calling you. I use smartwatch, helmet, and discomforts; happens when I need to travel very much and I have to give one charger for each one.

I do not have to do that longer. I get a messenger for my cell phone and I'll get the phone for her & # 39; another part. Just press the powerless powered power button and turn to a wire charger. Oppose your phone down and put Buds mobile phones on and off; start to delete them.

What is the best way of Samsung's technology to energy sharing rather than others

LP: What is this system safer, better than other systems of makers? Why is it better?

MN: First, it's very effective. For other solutions, the energy transfer might be able to supply the energy well, and that is why people would not be used. Our most important benefit is the benefit that I am. show you here.

At Samsung we have a range of powerful and easy-to-use devices that are very popular. We sell a lot of Galaxy passwords. These Galaxy Buds are very fond. What has not been done so far has been the ability to express them on their phone.

geugan galaxy
geugan galaxy

As the Galaxy ecosystem is different and we have a large number of users, it will encourage more people to buy new devices. Because they are capable of direct and rapid attraction. It's very high!

LP: In other words, loss of energy through the wireless radio process is limited to Samsung technology.

MN: Yes! We've done a lot in the last year; went to achieve the best performance efficiency of staff. That means that if you use your phone to pay other devices, you will have the most effective power transfer. You will have a lot of heat, but it will relax. I made it very effective. This makes it possible to use it in everyday life.

About Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

LP: I want to talk about smartwatch. We do not have a rotating deviation. Personally, I was not very happy, so it's inside me. Which new features of Samsung's new smartwatch?

MN: You will only see by looking at the design we are doing; deal with different spectators. I'll wear Galaxy Watch, because its & # 39; portion of that device. But everything is not on everyone.

LP: No.

MN: If someone has a lower handbag, this share is better. And she has a more natural feeling on her watchman.

LP: Yeah, I like pink.

MN: Yeah, that's good. Our designs and colors are very good. Initially, we wanted to make sure that we were able to buy people the tools. The second is that we have not changed the interface. It is very easy for all fitness activities, to follow places. This base is nowhere, in part to get smaller clock.

LP: Lesser

MN: For this we have a system that monitors stress, heart rate throughout the day. It is very important. We also keep sleeping. So you can see how you sleep when you woke up in the morning.

This all goes smoothly with the Galaxy Health app on smartphones. So you can follow the steps, you can compete with your friends, there are challenges for a month. Over 1.3 million people will come together and you can compete with them.

It is about helping clients to & # 39; improving their fitness level. As health, reduce pressure, keep sleeping, and so on.

Samsung MWC 2019

In addition, you have more than 60,000 clockwise and you can install your device. Just add the two fees on the display and select the one you want. Thousands of more are available through the application to convert it to your own enjoyment. We are very happy about these new products that will be available in just a few weeks.

LP: Finally, we see an ecosystem and a competitive program that gives people the same place. Unless it is shared, at least take part.

MN: Yes, to take part. Friendly competition is always welcome. I am very competitive in nature, and if I see someone doing better than what I want you to do. That's how I can do more exercise for health. We want to offer good technology, good materials that people are proud to be able. And they offer them work to improve their wellbeing.

Samsung MWC 2019: What is Samsung preparing for the Galaxy A series?

LP: As I said to Maxime Yesterday, I like the series A, but I like the series S. What are you doing for the A series? It's a series that should not be forgotten, as many people want a series A. Do we see some of the changes and there?

MN: There is. This year, sooner. We launched two MW modules in the month. These are the A15 and A13. We will launch the A15 in every European market, and you'll soon hear about new devices that Samsung will launch.

Today we are not publishing anything, but in the coming months and weeks there will be a new series. One thing we do is Focusing as we understand that consumers want to evaluate the prices for each area in which they are; ports.

We have been working hard in the last 12 months to offer an expanded range for A too. It's coming out sooner, so keep your eyes and ears in the next few weeks and months

LP: Thank you for your time and the information you gave us. We keep up with the news and we hope to hear big things about Samsung's new stuff.

MN: This is the interview from Samsung. We have learned new things about the technical aspects of the series 10 and the series A.

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