Ion Cristoiu, analysis for the echoes of the barons PSD: why Liviu Dragnea does not give justice to justice – news

The journalist Ion Cristoiu writes a & # 39; shows that PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is the person who takes the time to accept the GEO for the 5 participants. Cristoiu is a Liviu Dragnea believes that PSD's senior ancestors are "Expressing" that they will be able to; Getting out of the sentences that are quick, and still has the power to resist against them; party

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"A mother's understanding in politics is also restarting.

Under the significance of this volume, which my author, I am going to review the new Social Social Party of Gilgamesh, feel, build, & # 39; Ministerial remit and Justice to Government and undertake the OUG on the five. On the need for democratic citizenship and citizenship to provide a right to apply when they are released and those who have been part of a lawyer of five illegal from 2014 – defend the person, the injured party and the DNA prosecutors – I have more writing. It is complicated to repeat my arguments to welcome GEO and my decisions on the Binom Media Department's propaganda dissertation for corruption.

There is no reason to repeat the funny again to make a complaint for GEO. We are not the fans of the Scania militia in the democratic media. Scintilla from Stalinist Brucan's years had only had his editorial orders for campaigners, gentlemen and people who were going back, sweep out the bourgeois ideas! Let's leave soon in time! Let's do our native duty to spend money in time! So, in terms of the new GEO, we have limited our resources for writing that it would be good. Whether it is given or not, it is a matter for government instances and not media. We are repeating this to highlight the two-year-old comedy of PSD who has a played the struggle with the SRI-DNA democracy system of democracy.

We did not stop it and put it on the salesman that the minister did not. using the event to announce the news about the GEO. There are situations where a presiding ruler, a politician caught in the newspapers, is protected to tell something publicly about a case he would have been avoiding. In a GEO case – I report – the one who speaks is Tudorel Toader. To find out that the Ministry of Justice has prepared a draft emergency order. The formula that I prepared a project could be to create that such a version is needed for ministers to work. No, it's a project, because the Government can only approve GEO.

On the afternoon of January 20, 2019, the Minister will Justice & launches the news on the GEO in the public domain.

Immediately, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă expresses this.
On 22 January 2019 she says:

"We have talked to the Justice Minister about this GEO that allows fair trial. I think we also talk about the rights of those people as well as to talk about the rule of law about justice. We must see how we can settle those things. We also need to give those people a chance. "

As far as I can see, not only is the Prime Minister a & # 39; Avoid talking about GEO, not only does he say we do not; Caring for me, I ask the Minister what he's caught, but he is bigger in the areas that he has taken; support this GEO. There were circumstances after the decade of a minister named a person with an interesting personality with his own decision that the Government would give. Acknowledgment of the GEO is suspended solely on the Government, that is the Prime Minister. No, if we want to be democratically tight, it will be placed on the agenda of a government meeting that will only be suspended on its own. prime minister. Viorica Dăncilă's statements clearly indicate that its Prime Minister does not have a & # 39; do anything against GEO. In addition, he is an enthusiastic fan of the GEO.

Liviu Dragnea is the president of PSD. The party that supports the Government. Two weeks have elapsed from the Tudorel Toader publication. According to the information, the text was ready on January 20, 2019. It was usual for Liviu Dragnea to see him also. At least of archeology. He will not see him yet. After the meeting, the OUG and Viorica Dăncilă were asked. He says as follows:

"We talked to the Minister. We also spoke Friday. We talked about what we can do about the claim, we considered the fifth-volume order. I'm back this week. (…) "

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, Viorica Dăncilă tells that she spoke on February 1, 2019 by Tudorel Toader about GEO. He had already spoken on GEO and 22 January 2019. From his words, we recognize that he will Talk about this week too. Warnings! He will not speak it only. That does not mean to be & # 39; send the GEO on any Government meeting list.

We report what is said in the first line of the text.

The OUG Minister's campaign was launched; Justice. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă has agreed to do this.
The question arises:
If so, why not give the OUG once?
No, I can not give it, why I'm not saying clearly:
We can not do it, can we pay it?
How come?
To continue to steam Liviu Dragnea on PSD commented that the one who is going to be escape from sentence! "Writing Ion Cristoiu, on his personal blog.

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