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"It seems the PSD doesn't think there is" Tudorel Toader. "

President PSD, Liviu Dragnea, said: "it now doesn't think it is as important as" Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader, and "it seems likely that PSD does not think that" Toader.

The head of the PSD said that the vote on the simple move against Tudorel Toader was canceled due to the fact that many PSD senators are leaving the land, and that the president of the Senate and president ALDE, Calin, are leaving. Popescu Tariceanu, out of the country.

When asked how Social Democrats voted, Dragnea replied: "They vote how their conscientious people will make them impatient."

"Toader is not my minister, he is not related to me. The PSD accepted it. I don't know how much PSD means, PSD doesn't seem to accept it. You feel it is too important for this person, I don't think it is important, "he said to journalists.

""The Parliament has to work, breathe, with fraud, that is to be resumed by the government," he answered a question from a journalist about the changes to the Code of Conduct. T , Tudorel Toader did not order an emergency order, as more social democrats wanted.

Monday evening, Liviu Dragnea said that PSD was tossed by Tudorel Toader on emergency orders.

"I said I don't want to speak now, because we all have a suspicion, all of the party. I think Mr Toader is deceiving, I don't know if he was alone or there were two … I don't know. He did this deliberately, unintentionally … Come out in January and say, "I want to accept that order and that order." I was away then, I heard, I didn't speak to anyone. But you can't go out early this year to order, taking the scandal to the air, we stand under the bullets, both in the country and abroad, on something. you say at a particular time "but I can't balance the hurricane". And then there was useless circulation, the debate in the Parliament was blocked, and many people say, "But at the end of the day, that plan was?" Arsa Dragnea.

Journalists asked Tudorel Toader for this recitation.

"It's a wee bit statement, and I don't allow myself to give an answer. I don't think it needs to be explained, it's necessary to tell them," he said.


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