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Lidl pulls out two results quickly from the market

Lidl has announced that he takes out the market “Choose Chef, Sandwich”, parts of “Cocan and murder on his bark” and “Salami de Sibiu and cheese, 200g” with an unsaturated soybean meal. on the label. The products are not recommended for people with soy allergies.

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Lidl pulls out two results quickly from the market

"BIA BACK TOP TOP TO PROVIDE Look at the label" Cookery Choice, Slice Sandwich Sandwich and Bacon roasted and Salam de Sibiu and Caise, 200g "despite the shelf. – that the fluid contains the aid of non-infected foods that are given on the label, and during the allergic reaction in absorbing, customers should take notice of this solemn refusal. Removal of the residue all the time and not use of the results Taking account of allergic reactions from wear, soy cloning clients should pay attention to this recollection.

For those without allergies to soybeans, the results are suitable for eating, "said an advert on the Commission's Mental Health and Mental Health website.

According to the news, the results were sold to Lidl Romania.

“For consumer safety reasons, Lidl Romania responded promptly and took away the results from the sale. Results can be returned to Lidl sources. The value of results will be reimbursed, without the need to show tax revenues ", also included in the withdrawal notice.

The reserve will be worrying only "Chef chooses, chicken sandwich and ham boiled and Salami de Sibiu and cheese, 200g".

This reminder doesn't affect other products Lidl uses selling, including other Chef Select products.


Lidl's results stopped

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