Ludovic Orban provides information from the International Survey: data has shown that CUTREMURE PSD – News releases

PNL chairman, Ludovic Orban, said that party voting within PSD is 30%, although PNL is 27%. Orban finds out that this study is in a position; show that the first time PSD hard voters have a & # 39; looking at other parties and there is scope for a huge migration, and people get a disappointment with the government.

"Yes, the PNL is 27%, but we did not make this vote to measure the PNL score. We conducted the consideration survey to raise the views of people, people's needs, people's concerns, the idea of ​​governance.

I give you an example: 17.6% Romàinia is a n; going on well. On PSD public, 60% have a & # 39; I believe Romania is going on the wrong road. And so the ALDE. For the first time there is incompatibility of PSD electors, ie people to vote with PSD, now and # 39; look at another party.

I prefer to give data, but the PSD is 30%. They are a bad score. Immediately after the elections, they reached 54-55%, but their potato was lost rapidly. They returned quickly to win the election, the government was quickly destroyed, and the party fell by 17%. It's an accident! ", Ludovic Orban at B1 TV said.

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