Meghan Markle warned the Royal House. He has broken the rule of 40 years. The decision the UK surprised

Meghan Markle opposes the Royal British House and breaks the hospital tradition where most of the royal members were born.

This tradition has lasted for more than four decades. At the same hospital in London, her husband, Prince Harry, was born. The actress chose not to include visiting the Lindo at St. Mary from London, preferred by the royal family from 1977, provides information to Agerpres.

The couple married last year and they are now waiting for their first child to be born in the world.

Harry was born at St Diana Princess Mary, her wife was born in 1984, and the eldest brother's wife, Harry, is Harry, their three children.

"The child will not be born to Lindo," he said near the royal couple.

"She and Harry decided that they would be sent in a more secret place instead of going to a public place like Lindo," said the same.

The seventh child will be placed in the succession order of the British throne.

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