MM Stoica, furious: "It is not allowed, we have no chance, the title goes right where it is. It was 4-2 us!". The attack on restorers and FCSBs: "This is my view, whether it was a tough play" t

Mihai Stoica (aged 53) was very disturbed by Ovidiu Haţegan (38) and the brigade who led the FCSB win, 3-2 with Craiova in the third round of the League's playoffs 1. Betano. In a concrete speech in which he made CFR Cluj for making cards, the sports director of the former moderator Morais and Benzar, as well as his band, appeared.

"It's been 4-2! We don't need a VAR if we have Haţegan and Sebastian Ghoerghe, you can see a valid visit, 60 seconds off, and now that's not, and what can you see? FCSB, Viitorul, Astra? Not at all! We didn't lose 30 years in football We don't know how to watch a game You can't be equal when it's the same And not at the time the FCSB was for, Planic had fouls. At one time, they didn't want to give a corner to Haţegan and Gheorghe, it is impossible, until VAR is in Romania, and that is now t "Why don't Vassaras tell us?" "We also laugh as fools when we are going out, it's not a mediator, who's aye." you ask what the referees have spoken? " MM said for more information: t 'Because Pintilia was not 100%, Bolaşa was lost, by a man who came out … I realized he was from his face, I know he changed the rules. The member will come from Tiago Ferreira, who is familiar with his ability to control it. I have had difficulties, but most football players today think that we can influence anyone, but with the right arrangements, because we will continue Having problems with such races. cycles in skiing trips (n – red)? ".

Praise for Morais and Benzar

“It's good that they are visiting Hora and Gnohere, but today the comments I have made today are with defenders, Romario Benzar and Youth Morais, who have made an iconic game. said the FCSB officer, that the big names coming to the National Center could not have been captured: t "If Neymar came in, we are glad that we don't know where Neymar's father played." If we got the issue of the guys or the parents of the players … Let's talk about Neymar's father … "

MM does not think the Oltenians are out of the title: “The Craiova memorial is a topic we have never spoken about on the campus. There are many memories, petitions and so on. We are two points in Craiova and we have a game in Bani It's much more levels but I have more bitter taste, t post-match sports director, who did not like to comment on how Astra Claudiu Belu came out: "We're not interested in what Astra does, we're interested in playing with them. As it is today, Craiova showcases the tools in 4-2-3- t 1 And we looked at the heat to see how he plays. "

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