New amazing images on Jupiter. NASA researchers have found out


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Imagines that are unlike Van Gogh's images have been captured by Juno over Jupiter.

NASA has spread amazing new images by Juno, the spacecraft that has been searching for her & # 39; planet Jupiter since 2016.


Juno has been able to give amazing images and data about Jupiter for these years, with experts who find out about storms against her. largest planet in the solar system. And these storms have given amazing pictures as early as 2016 Juno was caught.


The new pictures will take clouds in the northern hemisphere of a planet, from a section called the Jet N6. The images were taken from a distance of 8,000 miles above the cloud on February 12.


NASA's illustrations have been developed by adding color to researcher Kevin M. Gill.
Those wishing to see the images can be viewed as Juno can be stored on the following link:, CNN wrote.


"We are already able to transcribe the textbooks on how Jupiter's abilities work, as well as the complexity and inconsistency of the magnetic field. In the second part of the mission, it is possible Tell us how to deepen the information about the Jewish storms, how the magnetic range will be created, and the structure and development of its constitution, "said Scott Bolton, chief inspector of Juno at the San Antonio Research Institute.

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