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"Party suspended by party parties"

Protagonists include some of the biggest actors, such as Vladimir Gaitan and Marius Florea Vizante, in the last league in Romania. The last respondent gives him a hard answer because of criticism of the performers who criticize the government.

Vladimir Găitan has recently made controversial reports on Antena 3, saying that actors involved in politics and complaining "haven't gone mad because they don't have the place on them. T just on the platform. " t Also, the folktale criticized Oana Pellea, Victor Rebengiuc, Marius Manole and Tudor Chirilă, some of the judges from the voice of the governing consortium PSD-ALDE, which led to a new scandal.

“Walls about the actors, or Rebe Versus Duţu

The actor is the engineer, the editor … the butcher is also a citizen and his fundamental right to speak about it. The people with this country have a fundamental right to acquire political choices or not. I believe that PSD is not less than a USR or PLUS operator or a stateless person.

Instead, a PSD actor is either the Hanging party at the Party's main party, blind or just blind! Don't recognize that the country is bad, under-development, injustice, miracle, gloom, poverty, sickness, hate and much of a bad feeling, it is a testament that the PSD actor is not a good citizen.

I respect you, Mr Găitan, without the name of Duţu, you have been a very good colleague and advice to me, but I strongly believe that you are not a good citizen this time. and I think you must tell us what the category (of the three above) is. you are part of it. I am honest, hopefully that this will be the second! ", Marius Florea Vizante wrote on Facebook.

Although things have gone boring, people started hurting and throwing horrible words, Marius Vizante wanted to clarify the situation, saying it doesn't seem normal and he doesn't want to be. related to such motions.

The objection of the actors II

“After Mr Gini broke out to the actors' accusations, he has been violent or offensive. I want to say mostly that I don't agree with that. Mr Gaitan told me that even people from Gloria Gaitan were victims. It's absolutely meaning and I'm sorry if someone links me with that.

In other ways, we didn't understand … after a long debate, everyone stayed with him. I am very sorry! He wrote on Facebook.

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