PC Garage "This lets you free": SSD 240GB Gift

PC Garage will launch a new initiative, “Get You Free”, from aspiration to improve the performance for PC users.

Computing services and complex computer systems require high levels of performance with high standards of work. Traditionally, the defining elements of such a type are a powerful processor and a plausible video card, as well as sufficient RAM. This definition is still relevant, but some of the things that have been added to it need to get your favorite experience.

Speed ​​of response, the impact of the storage unit on which the operating system is maintained has a significant impact. Today, SSD systems are needed to anticipate their results, use in modern operating systems, complex applications and even the fastest use of the internet. And in the future, the importance of the SSD will increase, especially across the world where there are high-profile news stories, such as Ray-Tracing technology. T designed to deliver a reasonable experience.

The importance of the SSD is therefore increasing, with the latter having a greater impact on user experience. However, there are very few cases that select a powerful processor and a powerful video card, or an mother board with more features, including the allocated budget. In these sorts of cases, some system behavior may sometimes be lower than the user's expectation of computing power.

Aside from this, PC Garage has decided to launch the "We're Get You Free" campaign. Within it, for any command that includes processing, mother's card and video card, the user can access an SATA III 240m SLD 240d format Patriot plaque. , whatever patterns are chosen.

The SSD Patriot Burst was designed to make the best use of a computer system. It responds promptly to data transfer, start systems, and log in, load games and programs, or copy media files. Thanks for working speeds up to 555MB / s for reading and writing 500MB / s, this is the best option for activating the system, while 240GB storage capacity makes room is sufficient to maintain the desired applications. As a result, the model represents the right solution for the collective fulfillment of general behavior at a promising level regardless of what action.

The initiative is “Free admission” to be held on the Garage PC site from April 1-21, 2019 and will be passed on to those who buy a processor, mother board and mobile phone number. and Video cards in the Programs, Mothers, Video Cards. with a combined value of at least 1500 Lei. To benefit from the gift and quality service, customers of PC Garage need to contribute the results to the campaign and organize the order. And to help make the best possible decisions, they can access the dialog box from the site to speak to one of the available technical experts.

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