PHOTO: Daum, in India, in national training in Romania. What happened to the old electorate –

Christoph Daum still has a promise after being broken out of Romania.

Daum does not confirm that there is any team or partnership for his position and compensation. Participate in all kinds of problems, in which he gives lessons about the coach.

His last revenge was in India, where a friend sent him to talk about the previous Roman candidate's football.

Interestingly, Daum participated in the training sessions decorated in Romania training.

Daum was invited to India by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a famous "guru" with whom he has a relative friendship.

Only held a "Main Role of Top Top" course.

In addition to the courses he was a professor, Christoph Daum told Bild that he had time to go for yoga, reflection and breathing techniques.

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