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President of Inverary, message in power: We will continue with the measures

Here's what we are talking about:

"Ladies and gentlemen,"

Your Majesty,

His guests, appearing

“I am delighted to welcome you here, in Bucharest, at the Palace of Energy, on the European Industry Forum.

I would like to congratulate the National Council for Scotland for businesses which is benefiting from the valuable support of the European Economic and Social Committee Employers Group and SME United.

I am happy to open the forum, which I believe will inspire honest and informed discussions among friends about the future of small and medium entrepreneurs.

The nobility, t

At last year's European Council, we confirmed, along with the leaders of the Union, what is essential to strengthen the economic foundations of the Union which are vital to Europe's success and competitiveness.

We have concluded that a long-term approach is needed for the future of the European Union to ensure the development of new technology and allow our continent to remain as an active power in the 21st century.

We will continue to influence the Union's "highest industrial policy", which is capable of creating innovation and long-term competitiveness.

It is important to endeavor to deepen and strengthen the Single Market, with a particular focus on the development and integration of digital services, certainly on the future of digital infrastructure.

I believe that enterprise development as one of the essential solutions is to strengthen economic cohesion and social cohesion in Europe. And these must be underpinned by connecting with the same set of values: democracy, freedom and rule of law.

The nobility, t

The global economy is experiencing a real digital crisis, whether we talk about industry, commerce, or services, to national security and a basic communications infrastructure.

Necessary technologies and chains must change strategic value to market conditions as well as new global competitors.

Fortunately, all the materials in Europe are thriving. Our companies, their staff and all European citizens are waiting for steps to respond to the challenges that lie ahead. The global context requires, perhaps more than ever, in history, pragmatism and a desire recently in our shared goals.

Europe will need "a new business commitment". We need creative threats; incentives and encourage investment in research and innovation. It is essential to move on sufficiently well-used and used resources, such as the younger strengths of the younger generation or entrepreneurialism from women.

We need to recognize that innovation and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises are pillars of European success and competitiveness.

On 9 May, I will host the European Future Meeting in Sibiu. This time, along with the leaders of Member States, will reinforce the fact that a Union is a successful and sustainable Union that gives priority to the European economy and encourages entrepreneurial players.

In Romania, we have always urged government authorities to support the investment and create the conditions necessary for the growth of business value chains in industry 4.0, the global economy, or opportunities for SMEs within the region. strategic defense industrial lines. We should not forget the role of entrepreneurship in developing strategic partnerships, such as their relationship with the United States.

I want to identify, at the moment, Romania's expertise and capacity in the development of digital services, including cyber security. The number of IT companies in our country has increased significantly in the last decade, virtually the new businesses have more than doubled in the last 5-6 years, and the image market is growing at an average level. target of 15%.

The majority of these are small companies, many new, based on the Romanian capital and supported abroad, with three-quarters of activity for business partners in Unique Square. and the United States.

For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, in particular, the administrative digitization is essential to enable interaction by authorities, to allow SMEs to simplify the benefits of bureaucracy.

This aspiration should without doubt be a major concern to Roman authorities.

The nobility, t

I am confident that the program document you are submitting today – the “Bucharest Declaration of Enterprise” will create the basis for a road map which will be useful in the work of the European Commission and Members. future policy on pragmatic policy, the consolidation of the Union's economic competitiveness.

We recognize that SMEs are one of the most vulnerable sectors to changes in the economic and regulatory environment. It is the responsibility of government decision-makers, and I comment on the context within Romania, to ensure that a legal framework is consistent, predictable and reasonable.

I am sure that you all understand the implications of prophecy and a supportive and friendly business management framework.

We have to say openly: responsibility in economic problems caused by disruption and decisions that do not help do not solve the real problems facing our societies.

The long-term challenges facing many of our population will require sustainable and sustainable solutions that will generate long-term success.

The European Union needs to be more closely aligned with its citizens and entrepreneurs.

His guests, appearing

The Union is now going through a crucial period for our future.

In this sense, I think we need to report more often the story of the EU's success story, a project of peace and unique history in history. We should not be afraid to report clearly and unfortunately: we are more than the sum of the parties!

With strength and fairness, we recognize that we all have strengths for European campaigners to enrich economic prosperity for the benefit of all our citizens.

I am sure that the Romanian campaigners will be able to support that aim too.

Today, Romania is an entrepreneurial entrepreneur, the country of strong and ambitious people, the land of free enterprise, democracy and the rule of law.

I wish all the people every success in the debates today!

Tapadh leibh – Thank You! "

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