Radu Vâlcan is 42 years old! His desire from Adela Popescu

What can Radu Valcan do for her birthday? The representative of "Eilean nan Gràdh" has a beautiful and great family, now that the second child of her friend has come to the world, a lovely wife, and that he is able to influence the performances and professional. However, Adela felt that he had to give her a love as her event, her husband once her 42 years!

Adela Popescu, a special desire for Radu Vâlcan birthday

At birth, Radu Vâlcan received a new desire from his wife. Adela Popescu was aware of the time and published on a personalized Instagram picture of a moving picture that showed the two, six years ago, when they were not even parents. The photograph also had a message, which was certainly the TV producer.

Also, the fans' wishes are not much awaited, and are keen to want Radu Valcan to do everything. Adela clarified in her message and in love, telling her husband that life was with all she wanted.

"Six years ago I had two dogs, four active vacations, a lot of coffee morning and film nights, ice cream and red wine. Now we have two children, many nights sleeping, and so much morning in the morning. Everything I Need. Happy birthday, old man! "Adela Popescu writes, in front of the image that was published on social networks.

Radu Vâlcan and Adela Popescu will move to the new home

After Adela Popescu and Radu Vâlcan have become the parents for the second time, and how the two boys are with them, Alexandru and Andrei, who grew up every day, both a & # 39; think they would have to spend more room for the best everyday activities. So, both made the decision to buy a larger house that met the requirements of the extended family, especially since there are four in the equation. By making the big step and the house that has already been purchased, it is now only for the partners to make the courage to move. "The house is there, but we will move in the summer. We are happy and we can almost wait," said Adela Popescu recently.

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