Romania's new tax stations for electric cars

The Rompetrol network is growing dramatically! A company official states that 60-70 new gas stations will be built in Romania in the coming years. The stories are very good (for the environment) that they are all equipped with electric tax stations.

Alexey Golovin, senior ambassador of Rompetrol-KMGI, at Summit Power ZF, stated that a gas station network will expand in the coming years: "Now we have a market share of around 16% on sale. We want to reach a 25% market share in the 2021 horizon and we will invest around $ 100 million in the construction of new stations& # 39 ;.

All of these new gas stations give drivers with electric car tax points, which are not found at a national level. At this time, out of 900 Rompetrol fuel stations in Romania, only 12 people allow users to cut their electric car batteries.

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Out of the 60-70 gas stations named at the top, some of them have photovoltaic panels, which should spend a 40% reduction in energy. "It is our current, current power provider, but we also see the opportunities of new technologies," said Golovyn, who was announced by

In general, Europe is becoming more and more involved in increasing its capacity. Green car use, and the development of tax state infrastructure is essential in this process. French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a strategic plan for expanding this network and strengthening the European electricity battery industry through an international partnership with Germany.

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