Samsung Galaxy Note 10 eufs

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Today is the first gozava news that has been named for fans, Samsung has a " Editing something that has been waiting for Samsung GALAXY S10, but it's likely to only arrive in summer. In particular, Samsung announced today that the new 512 GB eUFS 3.0 was launched, which generated a substantial increase in data search speed, but every summer for Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 .

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 It would be for this first time eUFS 3.0 of 512 GB, to be a & # 39; The first type of storage of this type offered is for mobile phones, and indeed it will be accessed to other Android smartphones. This new storage center is expected to read up to 2100 Mbps to Samsung GALAXY NOTE, as well as to # 39; write up to 460 Mbps, which means that everything is done; Much more quickly in Corcian phones.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 has a very fast storage environment

INFORMATION GALAXY Samsung 10 eufs store

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to read values ​​20 times faster than those with a normal microSD card, and even 4 times faster than normal HD for computers. This means that apps and games should be open and faster than the current phones, Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 can significantly increase phone performance and be better than outside the knowledge boundaries people.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be released out of summer with a furniture company sometime in August, but the eUFS storage media will be available to different manufacturers this month, including 128GB of storage resources. Samsung will create storage media in versions of 256 GB or 1 TB, so for Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 there will be many storage options for users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to be launched at slightly higher prices than last year's modules, but the difference comes from introducing new, advanced parts as this storage media.

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