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At Digi Mobil there are several options available to set up mobile phones in installments. It is a 12 stage system, as well as two other options through HIE and UniCredit.

Samsung GALAXY S10 with 128 GB storage – 4299 as standard or 435 lei + 24 portions of 161 lei;

Samsung GALAXY S10 Additional with 128GB of storage – 4799 levied or above with 815 lei + 24 of 166 lei;

Huawei P30 with 128GB of storage – 3299 pre-book of 347 leys and 24 rates of 123 lei;

Huawei P30 Pro with 128 GB of storage – 3,999 leys or advance of 423 lei and 24 degrees of 149 lei.

Benefits of the Digi Mobil – A 0% DAE program and zero commissions.

All the information is on the specific page.

I find it interesting that the price of Huawei was selected. P30 Pro is set to 800 under the GALAXY S10 Plus, and at P30 vs GALAXY S10 it reaches 1000 readers. To show that Huawei opted to offer a smartwatch view in the pre-order level.

Xiaomi, or other best prices to buy, are not in China but a little distance from the giant from South Korea. Indeed, each module has PRO and CONTRA points, but that is contained in a specific article.

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