Samsung hopes to sell 60 million models from the USA.

Samsung's efforts could be productive this year, and Galaxy S10 could be better than the dire S9 in 2018.

According to anonymous sources among smartphone manufacturers, Samsung measures less than a month after the new sight has been received, 60 million units are sold this year.

That means the first thing that will come out of both the forerunners and the first few weeks on the market for the first smartphone this year, will show confidence to Samsung that it doesn't happen. T failures last year.

Unofficial estimates show that Galaxy S10 had a good start in China and the USA, two important markets for Samsung, and the DigiTimes publication has seen an increase of around 10-15 sales compared to the previous model launched last year.

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Following last year's financial loss and the Galaxy S9 failure, Samsung has taken care to incorporate many new features in the tenth model of the main competitive iPhone series.

The Galaxy S10 has brought significant improvements in design, 5G support and keyboard fingerprint integrated into the screen, amongst others. The company's new campaign has been continuing and has continued with a strong promotional campaign across all communications environments.

From March 8, the Galaxy S10 is also available in Romania at prices starting at $ 4,300 for a 128GB version of the storage.

Prices for main Galaxy S10 + are starting at 4,800 lev (128 GB storage space), but can be up to 512 GB at 6,250 lei. The cheapest model is in the series, Galaxy S10e, which costs 3,500 eMag in the form of 128GB of internal storage.

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