Strangely, Apple complies with the AirPower wireless controller

Apple decided to stop the wireless AirPower charger, which was announced in 2017 by the iPhone X, a rare reserve for a manufacturer of recognized equipment to promote amazing materials, Reuters reported.

The pader has been designed to allow a maximum of three Apple products such as iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

Although wireless broadcasters have spread to the machine industry, it has been difficult to load three machines at a time. A furniture merchant Ikea, for example, sells $ 60 bags of goods that can cut three phones but is slow to power at 5W.

Apple stated in a statement that it has decided that the AirPower charger cannot "reach high standards".

"We are disappointed with the intended customers that we would let them out. We believe that the future has wireless and we promise to extend its wireless knowledge." Dan Riccio, Apple's vice-president of Engineering Engineering, said.

The name is rare for Apple, who is known in the electrical industry for full-scale production of product plans so that they can be launched publicly at Silicon Valley events. The early message on AirPower with AirPods exchanges about wireless disabilities has been pulling this tradition. Apple released a new version of AirPods last week, which increased its estimate that the wireless runner will follow soon.

Daring Fireball, a site for news about Apple, said Apple Apple's engineers were having problems affecting the AirPower aircraft.

Apple refused to comment over and above the published message.

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