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The first meeting of the Government – First Minister prepares for a number of projects! Petition Klaus Iohannis – Stories from Source

The Dăncilă Government meets at 8.00pm on the published register, there is no draft for amending the EGO on taxes 114/2018. Meanwhile, President Klaus Ioannis said on Thursday that there would be an illegitimate code, as long as he announced the referendum's decision.

Although the draft GEO 114 amendment is not on the agenda for the Friday meeting of the Government, the chairman of PSD Liviu Dragnea announced that the Executive accepts the norm, stating that Viorica Dăncilă will be deciding removes the cost of gas for business users.

On the subject of justice, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă spoke on Thursday today in a teleconference by Frans Timmermans, and promised to the first Vice-President of the European Commission that the Government will not place an emergency order on Friday in order to bring the codes into line. T These changes reported a criminal crisis of MEDIAFAX.

Ingrid Mocanu ONLY in Tudor Chirilă scandal: "I had to hit 10 pigs a day. Who was feeding with this grain of flesh and that?"

A little after that, President Klaus Iohannis announced that there would be a publication of an invalid patent order, as he called the May 26 referendum on justice issues.

"It is my right to ask people to express their views on issues of national interest." The PSD aims to stop the Romanian state by making laws it's interested in it. said Klaus Iohannis.

The agenda for the meeting is published on Friday, published by the Government: t

1. GOVERNMENTARY DIRECTIVE regarding the transfer of land owned by the state from the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture in administration of the Ministry of Water and Deer Forests – National Administration "Apele Române t
1. DRAFT BOARD MINUTE OF APPROVAL Relating to the approval of the "Increase safety in Colibiţa, Bistriţa-Năsăud County" investment objective as well as the associated key technical and economic indicators.
2. DRAFT EXECUTIVE DECISION reached agreement on Asset Management; Conciliation of the Bârzava River and a tributary of the Bocş-Gătaia-Denta region, Caraş-Severin County and North County, as well as the main features and technical and economic indicators associated with it.
3. DRAFT EXECUTIVE DECISION having concluded Annex 2 of the Government's Decision No. 29/2009 reorganization of the Romsilva National Forestry Program and the agreement of the body and its regulations
4. EXECUTIVE DECISION NOTES to update schedule or 9 to Government Decision number.705 / 2006 for approval of centralized program of public sector assets and to the transfer of certain buildings to Ministerial administration. Finance from the state public sector to the private state sector. Public – National Association for Fiscal Administration, with a view to removal, decommissioning and recovery
5. DRAFT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for Section 7 amendment para. (1) and (2) of the Framework Directive prepared in Section 23 of the No. 53/2017 regarding staff salaries paid out of public funds, with amendments and subsequent completion, for the staff of staff of budget "Education" posts, approved by Co-operative Committee t The Government closed the number 34/2018
6. DRAFT EXECUTIVE DECISION moved from public to private sector some buildings and landscaping within buildings owned by the Ministry of Defense based in Mehedinţi, Constanţa, Dolj, Călăraşi, Bihor, Sibiu , Olt, Covasna, Gorj, Argeş, Ilfov, Timiş and Bucharest for decommissioning and decommissioning. 4 to the Scottish Executive decision that is not. 1.705 / 2006 for approval on the central list of public goods in the state
7. DRAFT EXECUTIVE DECISION to approve the Core Statement of the requirement and the opportunity to make the costs associated with the investment project “Purchase equipment to control construction quality, re-enablement and reinstatement update t road structure to ensure safe and safe traffic
8. DRAFT EXECUTIVE CONCLUSION agreeing the Basic Note on the need for and the time for the expenditure associated with the project "Expanding the implementation of N.SIS II's technical solution solution in a disaster case"
9. DRAFT OPERATIONAL ISSUES accepted by building under the Ministry of Internal Affairs – UM 0827 Cluj-Napoca, in the state public sector in the private sector, with outputs from the cassation, operation and pricing to the Annex. Government Decision No. 705/2006 to sign off the schedule of products in the state public domain
11. DRAFT GOVERNMENT DECISION about the issue of Roman citizenship to Mrs "Gladun Daria"
12. DRAFT EXECUTIVE DECISION for agreement of the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Turkish Republic Government on medical and medical sciences cooperation signed at Ankara on 15 October 2018
13. DRAFT EXECUTIVE DECISION on approval of the Braşov Coat of Arms
14. DRAFT ACTING DECISION AGREEMENT in the Gilad Association, County Tahi
15. DRAFT EXECUTIVE DECISION regarding approval of the commune, Bihor County
16. DRAFT DECISION ACTIVE on model agreement of the communist Nicolae Bălcescu, Viscount County t
17. ACTIVE DECISION MAKING OF flag flag Răcăşdia commune, Caravs-Severin
18. DRAFT GOVERNMENT DECISIONS regarding exemption / appointment prefects and / or senior officers

III. messages
1. MEMORANDUM of the Report on the implementation of the 2018 Management Program provisions
MEMORANDUM over accepting the Code of Conduct for members of the Romanian government
3. MEMORANDUM in relation to the subject: Measures required to fulfill the precondition "National Roma Integration Strategy"
Details of preparation and organization of elections for Romanian members in the European Parliament from 2019 to 25 March 2019 t
1. PROJECTS PROJECTS on 13 parliamentary legislative initiatives

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