Friday , February 28 2020
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The Galaxy S10 will send other devices to wire and have a 4K camera

Samsung has released a series of three new video rescuers to stimulate the Galaxy S10 logo, thus consolidating two of its resources.

The Samsung furniture maker is continuing to & # 39; launching exciting promotional materials that focus on the new Galaxy S10 series This trip, a Samsung subsidiary in Vietnam has made three videos on YouTube channel.

There are not more than 20 seconds in the three clips together but there are enough indications for the consolidation of two technical features that have been released unofficially to date.

The first one is targeting its & # 39; face camera. By the title of one of the three teasers, it is possible to move in a 4K format.

4K is not a face camera, which is widely used for self-editing and video chat with conversation applications, just as a requirement required by users, but a useful feature for marketing purposes .

Also, through one of the three teasers it has been confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will be able to move other devices to wireless. A 9W wireless recycling, with a normal riding benefit of 15W.

The Galaxy S10, along with the first Korean mobile phone number mobile phone, will be officially issued on February 20. In the last week, Samsung will try to & # 39; bring as much attention to users and media as possible through these initiatives.

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