The Hagi team is named as Number 1 in its enjoyment

Ioan Niculae, proprietor Astra Giurgiu, has a series of hard statements after his / her influence; game by Viitorul.

Niculae said Astra was revenge after her death; when they compete on Friday, when the opponents left a controversial turn.

"We have answered our competition for the competition, if you remember, I see you do not talk a lot about it, which I'm thinking about they should first add indirectly, a common lack of peace, they put away the players, when it started to start after a bribe break out, if you remember in the 93rd minute. The boys responded to that behavior as well as a dementia made by everyone at Viitorul's club.

We do not support it, we gave a football response to a position that was tightly held from witchcraft and common peace and fair play. We do not want to kill anyone, but let's … but do not remember? I do not see much talk about those things, you do not. Little talk about … if it was at Astra, you might be stressing that level, "said Niculae to Telekom Sport.

Viitorul Constanta lost a new game in League 1, score 0-3, on the Asturgi Giurgiu range, in the 23nd visit.

The Hagi team came to the sixth game after each other without winning in League One.

There are also five games in the King's team without scourge.

After these conclusions, Astra runs 4th in League 1, with 35 points, and Viitorul has a & # 39; falling down on 5, with 34 points.


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