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The number of deaths in Moldova is caused by a severe flu 12

The National Director of Public Health, Nicolae Furtuna, on Friday, February 1, said at a news conference, that the epidemiological situation with his / her; A big cat, with a move to grow. Flu has reached over 20 areas, with assemblies in Chisinau and Balti. But the situation is not more complicated than the cold weather after the past or previous years.

According to Nicolae Furtuna, there are two risk groups in the Moldova Republic who benefit from a free vaccine vaccine: the professional risk group and his / her; A group that suffers from a variety of diseases that become worse due to flu infections. Today, no country can buy a flu that has been killed for the whole population of the country.

Secretary of State for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection Aliona Serbulenco, said that they were exceeded the criteria in the last January. The biggest breakdown is in AH1N1 virus. The Moldova Republic is bordered by Romania and Ukraine, where it has been widely pronounced as a result of a flu disease. From October 1 to 28 January, there were almost 141,000 cases of respiratory emergencies.

In order to confirm hospital care, medication was given to each center, including antivirals for flu pandemic treatment. To monitor the movement of influenza and infnosis viruses, the National Public Health Organization has been provided with new equipment, reactivity and behaviors for scientific research.

Commenting on the death of a 34-year-old daughter, people around her say that her anti-virus cure was only given on her; Fourth day of her induction, Aliona Serbulenco said that she was investigated and until it was completed it is not possible to provide information. A young woman died on January 19, two days after her pitch. A baby is under medical control.

From the beginning of the season to vaccine, there are 160,000 people, a & n; Most women are pregnant with children of six months old, who have been vaccinated against her & her; flu.

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