The number of positive influenza virus deaths was taken to 157

Two other Romans died after they had a Type A flu virus.

infusion 350x196 The number of deaths confirmed by influenza 157 reachedLess than a month after the Health Minister reported that the disease was reinforced, a fatal mortality ratio was reached 157.

From Wednesday, representatives from the National Center for Controlling and Contagious Disease Control, in a 63 year-old woman in Salaj County, died on 26 February, a influenza virus that was added to other medical conditions, the patient was not to get a vaccine with her & # 39; flu.

It is a 81-year-old man from the Caras-Severin County in the other victim who is not a victim; It can be saved by doctors. We know that a flu vaccine was not virusized, being "not getting any treatment".

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