The review of the former Director of Nissan's birthplace Carlos Ghosn, under the prosecution case – News source

Renault is a sponsored research agreement with her & # 39; Chateau de Versailles, which also included EUR 50,000 personal avatars to former president Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested in Japan for financial crimes, according to Mediafax.

The company expects to contact the prosecution, Renault said in a statement, affirm an article in Le Figaro.

Renault has refined a trust at Versailles, but his contract was including the Grand Trianon Palace leased for the 2016 Ghosn wedding.

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Renault Carlos Ghosn resigned as president and chief executive on January 24, more than two months after he was arrested in Japan, for Nissan's financial division, a company in partnership with Renault.

Renault has scrutinized inside the payments made to Susan after arrest. To date, financial anomalies have not been reported.

The survey found that Ghosn did not receive a personal benefit of 50,000 euros under a trust agreement with the Chateau de Versailles, said Renault Thursday.

"Renault has decided to give these results to the legal authorities," said his company.

Gosn's marriage took place on 8 October 2016 with her second wife, Carole, a public attraction for her comic and costume by Marie Antoinette.

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