The Saudi authorities had an opportunity for Amazon's Jeff Bezos

De Becker learned this when research was carried out by the National Enquirer newspaper, who published the January messages between Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, a TV commentator. Bezos had a relationship with Sanchez, which led to the division of Bezos, according to Reuters.

De Becker gave some of his decisions on Saturday and said that he had sent to the US federal officers without further information the results that had been carried out during the inspection.

In an article for The Daily Beast website De Becker said that he was a parent of the National Inquirer, American Media Inc. (AMI) has asked him to deny that he has received any evidence on "an electronic hearing or examination in the news editing process."

"Our inspectors and a number of experts have concluded very much that the Saudis on the Bezos phone had access to private information. Today it is not clear what level. T and AMI knew the information in full, "wrote De Becker.

A spokesperson for the Saudi Embassy, ​​based in Washington, did not speak back to Reuters's request to comment on the findings of De Becker. In February, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the country said that Saudi Arabia had "absolutely nothing to do" with the National Inquirer on the episode of Bezos by Sanchez.

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